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Wayne Williams

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graziella Pass me a mop....


troublebcn Ees a beast innit?

jyager "Put it in the bag, zip it, shot it get that paper moving" you're too much g

sumgii Loool

starvingyetfull Don't dead me yasssss

eightysix U Fhukin loon

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micallparknsun it down!!!!!!!

foreignbeggars Innnnssiiiiiiide

hinesyhines BIG!

sumgii This is exactly why this app is the best.

ayahmarar I had to let the man know

iomega One of my all time fav rappers

si_phili Thanks @iomega

dhuz Amazing flow on all your works bro!!! :)

abetheproducer Ridiculous freestyle!

bgfrecords Hello. Really like your flow, wanna bring you some value. DM us on insta @bgfrecords

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novarflip Jeeez

jyager Going in bro...

sizzahandz Bars for days. Beat finished to soon Donny.

si_phili @sizzahandz. Haha. Big up Bredrin.

tomryan Venomous!

dosgringos Flow is ill surgical precision

dubble_ggg Fuck off... Fire man big up


g3nes12 Yes Philli... Come like Dem old Millennium Metaphors times

abetheproducer HottaReddaFiiiiiiyah!!!!