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thebreaks Yo Bigman, check the latest update of the app.. It has real waveforms now and a bunch of new features:. Beats sounding I'll as ever too!! Respect

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an ooold beat i made...


casablanca Fuuuuck 🔥🔥

newancients Nice one bro

dharmonk_beats yo nice flip man, gangstar sample ;)

hank_hiller Sounds classic man

oab illy

sonnyjim classic shit. Props

saulthesame @caseyjones @newancients @djdharmonk @hank_hiller @oab blesssssss!! @sonnyjim yooo safe! big ups to you

sonnyjim If this beat hasnt been used yet hit me up

saulthesame @sonnyjim nah hasn't been used. i'll email you now

joeshire @sonnyjim 💥🔥👌