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Colorado, USA

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monstermatt That was good!

percyfilth Dope. 👽👾👽👾Cheers for the video.

albadman Haha classic bro

nepaul @percyfilth thanks for the repost man! Fantastic beat. So easy to flow over!

nepaul @albadman 😆🤣respect man! Thanks for listening 👂

nepaul @monstermatt finally got some reactions! There are some users after all! 🤣😆🤣

monstermatt It’s a ghost town out here

slomosapian Dope. Thanks for sharing this app, on that i

slomosapian ..on that other app. Not sure why that posted before i was done typing, but its whatever. I see i cannot delete comments too. Hmm

slomosapian Oh wait, i can delete comments. Ok cool. Sorry for blowing your comment section up while learning..

nepaul @slomosapian no worries man! Comment away!

deadott Hahaha sick man, big up!!!!

nepaul @deadott thanks! This one seemed to create the activity I was looking for 😆🤣

nepaul @deadott oh shit! Thanks for reposting!!!

enterthelab Ever feel like people only comment to get something from you?

nepaul @enterthelab not sure! Kinda new here.

enterthelab @nepaul seems a bit better here than Instagram. Had a few people there message me asking if I needed beats... on my photography account 😂

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westsidevillain Philadelphia

nepaul @westsidevillain flames! Welcome to Brapp homie 🔥

nepaul @monstermatt peep my boy WestSideV!

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nepaul @monstermatt FA-FA-FRESH! This has to be my favorite freestyle I’ve heard of yours on Brapp.

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monstermatt DOPE!!!

monstermatt Pitfall! Haha

nepaul @monstermatt pitfall was my shit!

stillg Dope 🔥🔥🔥

nepaul @stillg thx word!

clinic @nepaul nice bruh

nepaul @clinic haha thanks. Welcome to Brapp! WAY different than BA, but a great place to freestyle on indie beats. Just not as many users.

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nepaul What part of MI you from? I grew up in the Flint area

optimusrhymes Harper Woods. Right outside Detroit 🤘🏽

nepaul @optimusrhymes wouldn’t have seen your reply if I didn’t check back. mentioned me next time noob ;)

nepaul @nepaul I know the area. my older bro lived in GPW for years.

optimusrhymes Lmao will do

optimusrhymes I work in GPW and surrounding area good money 👌

optimusrhymes @nepaul you tagged yourself lmao

nepaul @optimusrhymes whoops! look who the noob is now!!

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nepaul Digging your style man!

nepaul @monstermatt this dude’s nice!

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optimusrhymes @nepaul

nepaul Yes!

monstermatt 👍need more freestyles

nepaul @optimusrhymes follow my man @monstermatt

optimusrhymes I’m gonna fuck all these beats, 💋

nepaul @optimusrhymes all right!

nepaul @ninjanoya I hope you join in the fun. Let’s get this place poppin!

optimusrhymes I’m here to flow.... and flow I shall 🤘🏽

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