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Been aWhile
Beat by saulthesame
Just wrote a new one, figured I'd give her a share. 7thdown beautiful as always!


nicked Fucking strong message

timeoutbeats Feeling this! Big up

hi_jak Cheers G's!

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timeoutbeats Dope man! Much love for blessing the beat

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nicked Noice

jonb1 big

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grjoemusic Yes mate I rate this , hard to come across tongue this fast and clear ... Yes

agzzy Bro thank you glad your feeling it. I do try keep it clear and comical I don't wanna come across all serious and that I just love it

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jazzychavo support the street musicians! peace!

jazzychavo support the street musicians! peace!

witnessmc fuuuck!! killed it bruv


slowz Love that! Nice1 g

budhoundz Daaaaamn, killing it

shayd So sick

raad this is soooo sick!

ptredeyez Too much man

rebelaca Fucking amazing ... Nice on sir

simonsez Great:)

quantumatics Ha... Dope

mskal monsterz.....

geebag Heavy

geebag Did you give them some money?

mcprincewayne Can't stop playing this braap!

hans2g Ca déchire ton délire mec!!

wrdy Bad boy

vicebeats Ridiculously dope as ever man! Damn!

colateral wow

docskeng Fire!! Check my beats and follow me back g

taemintekken Good job bro, check my beat I hope you'll like it

westyproducy sickkkkkk

djlethalskillz Salute!


kingtwin Sick bruva

nikimukhi So sick every time!!

garage Jhhhheeeeez

iconbeats Heavy

krang Yo this is proper illy

andsamlad Had to follow after this! Absolute skill

copiusbeats King

maceymonei Killed itand on

docskeng Going in g, massive respect to you and Shay, check my beats if you can g

martinzbeats Amazing bro!

gold1ne Live AND Direct!!

axpmp Check out my beats this is fire

beatcotheque so good!!

zonebeats Dope

notesproducer got the vibes! great flow

djvarda Wow!

budabapbeats Nuts....


g0n3 Very well bruv

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raad Good vibes

timeoutbeats Nice!! I'm feeling this, much love for blessing the beat

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nicked Totally killed it man! So many good lines!

rev_records Cheers mate appreciate that .