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Danny Oldham, UK

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linguizy Rochdale

Linguizy (2018 FREESTYLE)
Let me know what you think! Peace and love


nifty Team23 up in the bitch!!!!!


hardheaded_prod Dope

skandalbeatz yes lad

ariosolegato Up

nifty Unooooo unoooooooo

dwall So fast

dagonzasound Do you have instagram or facebook messenger ?


timeoutbeats Killed it

kidblanco Jeeez

samoraj Dope !

impro Big Vibes Man!!

amfs Rapppiddddd!

sxde Oh,man

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linguizy Jheeeez

User @nifty's avatar


dubbzy Yeah g

nifty One love yo! Bless for the support @sim @dubbzy

dubbzy Say nuttin man standard you got bars

nifty My g!

sim I second dubbzy

nato Dunno #ateam

maceymonei dope!


hayleybailey Yes Nifty!

nifty One love for the feedback people @hayleybailey

lebowskybaby Real bars

nifty @lebowskybaby one love my g

slyableton Awesome, deep that mate. Great to hear it

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raad yeah nifty

maceymonei nig!

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raad this is certi

nifty Are you mad!


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raad That's right @niftyboyy



foreignbeggars gwaaaan nifty

nifty thank you people! I feel blessed yo! One love

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nikimukhi You're sick


anishbeats This was amazing. Such good flow!


nifty @nikimukhi thank you bro! @lrd @anishbeats thank you! The beat was insane, really enjoyed writing to it @raad respect brother!

adah Harddd


nifty Thank you @theillestyet @quantumatics

im_floki Keep it up bro you got that grime flow locked down expect to see big things from you G!!

nifty @im_floki thank you brother! I appreciate the feedback! One love and stay blessed! The support is real!

nifty @anishbeats have you got an email address? I was wondering if I could get a full song done to this beat? Holla at me

anishbeats @niftyboyy

nebula_beatz cool man

anishbeats @niftyboyy whats the latest?

nifty I have the studio booked for Wednesday, so I'll make sure to send it you when it's done brother

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nifty @lrd Thank you for the support! It's all love!

mahill Booom UZI!!

nifty @mahill thanks brother! The beat is A1 I had to kill it yo!

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heavytrackerz this is dope

nifty Thank you @heavytrackerz it means a lot coming from you!

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goldybeats Thanks Nifty, it sound good ! big up

hammerhead333 This is soulful and honest. Easy to relate to. Love it!

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