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presa_otis Yes brother, I like what you've done herenuff respect for blessing this beat

nooks @presabeats nice beat man thanks Fam I myt do another 16 to it still

presa_otis Yea, I'd like to hear more g. Respectbless up

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foreignbeggars Badman!! Where you from bruv


poemz peace man dope app I'm in the u.k by way of New Jersey

sosouthern Jheeeez, going inn bro

raad Boooom!

richyspitz sick as always

jyager Bang!!!! Sick @jaron big up g

funtcaseuk Fuckin helllllll KILLED it!!

kutz Jheeze! Serious flow!

sizzahandz Man went in. Brapppppp

metropolis Woooiiii

dotz @foreignbeggars yo pav this is skit, he was part of PLC for the higher forces album

foreignbeggars Sick Don

okaz Great

djevidenz Jheeeez killed it

oab Bangra, what!

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juiceblenda You love this beat nuh fam

prodbybigbubbs Nicely said

nooks Respect bro @prodbybigbubbs someone gotta be real out ere

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juiceblenda Good look Nooks

nooks We need to talk @juiceblenda I wanna voice this bro

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nooks Shout out #ghosttownbeats

sontwisted I like your sound if you ever need some beats check out my site and let me know what you think

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spitfire Dope

nooks Thanks bro @spitfire