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Novar FLIP

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i need 500 views! Shay d #soledxb #brapptv
Beat by nebula_beatz
Big up! Help me share my lateass entry that i just recorded! #Soledxb #brapptv


nebula_beatz Yoooooooooooooooooo is crazy !!! Job done #SolDXB

murdoch007 Amazingly Gifted Shay

novarflip Maaaaad flows!!

raad Killed it

mark You deserve to win

nebula_beatz 500 view is easy

yasinhq Fireeee

mahill Woow

shayd @nebula_beatz thanks! lets work

shayd @novarflip love my g

illuminative That coco bar yeeesssss haha!

mimindme can everyone check out my videos real appreciated!

roro big love x





dawghausbeats Nice flowetry !

fazeuk That bangz

orlando_wade Fire! check my beats and see if you can do something to them

misterstrange Can I send u a beat ? U rock

lf Yessssss!!

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calmdowncolin @novarflip bless man, I wrote that listening to the dreams instrumental you released a while back

thafamilia Yes bro. Big bars

equalmeasure Fire man !!

calmdowncolin @equalmeasure @familia

mcprincewayne Big up bro I'm feeling your social conscience Braap

calmdowncolin @mcprincewayne bless up brother

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nephilim Apparently I can't say the words wonder or absorbed today haha

novarflip big up brother!!

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whiteyboymush Feeling this good work

eightysix RESPECTANGLE @whiteboymush

eightysix @ghosttownbeats track is a ten

mrchisti Yes big man, heavy!!!

eightysix @mrchisti kool


harvsletoad Wooo!

koryus je kiff !!!

dlght Bow

ideenoire guuuy I'm in love with your voice

User @eightysix's avatar

golddubs Nice flow!

eightysix Written more like a poem then a straight rap

oooops Love

challis_uk Big ups bro!

eightysix @challis_uk music resonates

eightysix Funny how serious this shit is

sonnyjim Killed it

eightysix Appreciate the appreciation "CREATIVITUS ITS CONTAGIOUS "

eightysix @sonnyjim wasapnin brotha that laundrette thing you did with parky is PROPPA .

djevidenz Serious man stare at the end to deliver the rap. Killed it

eightysix Enit . Like a vex DHL

latenightkungfu Stare out! Serious vibes.

sonnyjim saafe g biggupp

chesterp Spine chillin real talk! You did bro!

calmdowncolin This is proper

User @joshryan's avatar

novarflip incredible!

loudmouthmelvin Hard

joshryan @loudmouthmelvin can you email me this beat don to make a song to ? Nice work my don

loudmouthmelvin @joshryan it's on my soundcloud bro. If you go there it's part of an free instrumental album

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BrappTag Burger & Chips
Beat by jayorient
Big ups to #novarflip for tagging me in shout outs to #brapptag #illaman you're up next!


raad dope

3mb4 sick!!!

psyke Slick Flow! #brapptagisonfire

iamsites Like the flipping at the beginning word up!

koryus Lourd Lourd !!!!

danieldan So FLY! Up next is @illaman !!

polymath Jeeeeeeez nano thermite

mskal nice flow ......

caravanerecords Sick

jazzychavo big up!

migprod Great flowwww

nebula_beatz Tcheck my beat ! =)

helzs Damn you rock

adibanti Yesssssss

pyne Flame

mrreem Ur good! Tchek my beats. Big up

viking Woi! Serious Tekkers!

milver Nice variations of flow in there. Loving the Multis you chose too. Real fuckin good

User @joshryan's avatar

polymath Jeeeez

caravanerecords Whaaaat ? Reaaal shit


jayelflex Nice !!!!

banders Oiiiiiii this just fucked my morning

ajaydahl heavy

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You Don't Even Like These Songs
Beat by loudmouthmelvin
Brapp tag got me back in the zone! Quick bars from the new album.. #YouDont #Damaged


joshryan Big !

eightysix YEP

loudmouthmelvin Hard fam


hollyflo HAHA

hollyflo love it

novarflip @hollyflo haha.. Thank you

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Brapp Tag
Beat by notion
Shout out to @Kingpin for tagging me in.. I'm tagging in @JazKahina #QuickTing #BrappTag


danieldan Dope!! #BrappTag in the house! Up next is @JazKahina do your thang

jazkahina Siiiicckkk bruv! Safe for the tag!

novarflip @jazkahina go hard fam!! lol


jazkahina @novarflip I don't know any other way!

keiosxlek Dooope duuude !!!

notion Nuff respect bro!!

User @eightysix's avatar

eightysix There ya go #brapptagg by mc CHARMAN NAHGUY Keep it MOVIN mad offa sickness can I getta witness .


eightysix Yes @embaone your in . Pick a beat n speak tag a next bod and done

3mb4 done fam

danieldan We BE rollin! Much respect @eightysix MONGO!

eightysix All good @danieldan told @foreignbeggars this cypher thing would work

djevidenz Fill you up like a taco. Lmao. Yes man

eightysix You think this is @djevidenz go check the madness I was gettin up to on insta @m.o.n.g.o

shotgunshell This bangs so hard!

eightysix Thanks @shellyskrufayce I appreciate

User @kingpin's avatar

genghisdaze Over your head like back flip! Thanks for Blessing the beat homie

kingpin My pleasure bruva. Feeling the beat

grime @brapptag whus hood

kingpin Yo @novarflip you been tagged homie. It's on you ;)

danieldan Sick 1! Off the top

psyke Slick Backflippin'! Bro!

juliastar Hahahahahahah

feedthemindbars You guys come flakey like a chopped lip! Fucked bars bro! Lets collab!


nepaul Nice off dome!