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nuriel Exeter

gwop FLAMES FAM !!!

raad Fire


jdogg Hardddddd reposting this

jeaniusbeats Fye!!

kidcrisisbeatz Rap on my beats


hublechild Hard yow

stillg Dope Man

guineto_beats Fire


khalibeats Fire tho, nice flow!

primatebeat Big up from french

oujii Nice flow, cypress b-real type

radeli Dope mannn

hanstabot Cool meck

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nuriel Exeter
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nuriel Exeter
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nuriel Exeter

g0n3 You bro are wild

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nuriel Exeter

daihard you murdered that beat bro. Awesome bars! @hardybeatz

nitel_p A W E S O M E!


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bipald yo

amfs BIG


amfs @sim where can I get the full cut of this g? I can't stop listening too it man. I gotta hear the rest or I'm gonna end up dashing my phone out the window. Cos i think it's teasing man!

uto4kin F

sim Optional("")@amfs not released yet mate. Still working on it for an ep release later this year

majincraft Oi

genghisdaze Certified neck snapper

skslfneis Wooow is very cool

jackiebond as soon as I get an iPhone to download the app, this beat will be murdered.

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nuriel Exeter
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dirtybuckle Dopeness Gwop. An inspiration as always !

djevidenz Big !

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nuriel Exeter

emonthebeat Nice flow! BRAPP is shutting down next month. No more brapp

nuriel @emonthebeat when did you hear this?

emonthebeat Email from them, the other day.

emonthebeat Dear the Brapp family, It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that we will be shutting down the Brapp app and web platform in 30 days (12th February 2020).

nuriel @emonthebeat damn. Is that all is says? No reason? We need to stop this shit from happening mannn

emonthebeat There is another app i use called: Speazie and BandLab

emonthebeat We started Brapp with a simple plan, to create an app that enable artists and producers to connect in a way that has no geographical, musical or financial barriers, and believe that now more than ever, anything that helps us connect beyond borders and cultures is important and should be celebrated. Sadly, however, Brapp is expensive to operate and we don’t currently have the financial runway to keep it running and build all the exciting things in our roadmap.

emonthebeat Check your promotions email or spam. It might be there

nuriel @emonthebeat can you forward it to me? I signed up to the app with an old email.

nuriel @emonthebeat that sucks man. But if it’s c

nuriel @emonthebeat that sucks man but if it’s costing them money which they can’t afford what can you do.

emonthebeat I foward you the email

emonthebeat I use another app called Speazie and BandLab

nuriel @emonthebeat Thanks man. What are those apps like are they any good and are they as big as brapp?

emonthebeat They are pretty good. I don’t know if you can record video though

nuriel @emonthebeat I’ll check them out

emonthebeat On Speazie I’m Emonthebeat

emonthebeat And BandLab also Emonthebeat

nuriel @Emonthebeat Okay bro

jackiebond How were they making money to fund it before? I know they weren't coming outta pocket to keep the app going this whole time. Why can't they just start getting some sponsers to pay for ad space or something?

nuriel @jackiebond Your guess is as good as mine bro. They say in the email they’ll let us know if anything changes. I think they might announce soon that they will be charging to use the app or some shit. Just a hunch. I’d probably pay a one off payment still if it was reasonable.

jackiebond Or are they looking to sale the app? Or hand off the torch to keep the app alive? Maaan, there are NO other apps that can compare to BRAPP at all. Not even close.

nuriel @jackiebond I know it seems strange to me that they would just close it down & let it go to waste with so many using the platform. I tried hitting them up on Insta to see what was going on but no reply.

jackiebond Man, i just found out this app not that long chance...i wish i did sooner like when it was really Poppin like 4years ago! Was you around during that time?

nuriel @jackiebond Yeah man I joined in its genesis. Going to be sad to see it go fr

jackiebond Yo...@nuriel you should look into this event called "end of the weak" they be hosting these events all over the world. It's an emcee challenge. Instead of str8 up battle, there's 5 different challenges. Written, accapella, riding beat with dj switching speeds, grab bag, back and forth4 bars w/ another. It's sick!

jackiebond Daaaamn! We should start a contact list for all the producers and emcees who're trying to stay in touch and build with our music. Maybe this is what we need to finally actually start recording full songs and releasing some collabo albums. Like how "d&d" or "flava unit" or even the whole "self destruction" crew did!

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nuriel Exeter

bmrpro Appreciate you blessing this joint and sticking to the topic, traits of a true MC SALUTE @NURIEL

freemason You always creating something fire!! Keep up the good work