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Odin - Strobe
On some #FUNK shieeeeeee


zico Vibeeezzzzz

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Odin - Love Is All
Decided to get back on Brapp for some uploads! #RnB #Vibes #ODIN


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Odin - Do What You Love [Instrumental]
#Modern #Funk #Hiphop #Vibes from the vault! Myself on the vocals too! Drop your feedback in the comments below and... read more


sicksixet this available

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Odin - Forward Motions [Instrumental]
#House #Future #Vibes from the Odin vault! Let me know what u think in the comment section and hit me up when u want... read more


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Odin - Play Games [Instrumental]
Ayyee @Brapp! Another one straight out of logic, made it this morning and just had to upload it! Hit the like if you... read more


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Odin - Soul Savers [Instrumental]
Late nite upload! #RnB #HipHop vibes on this one! #Singers and #Rappers get loose! Feel free to drop some feedback in... read more


eightysix So clean clean ....would love to hear a good singer in this

odindj @eightysix Thanks brother! And good to hear from you!

eightysix Your mixes are always pro .. I wish half my music sounded this crisp .

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Odin - Signs [Instrumental]
Whatsup @Brapp! <3 I had some trouble with my account so I havent been on here since a month or 2. I decided to push... read more


robofjohnson smoooooth

budhoundz Lovin this beat

brapp Sick!! Ps if you have any trouble with your account in the future please hit our support channel and we'll sort it out for you!

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Odin - Flex [Instrumental]
On a different #vibe this time! #rappers get busy! Hit the like button if u are feeling this and let me know what u... read more


bahia So dope

bahia Yo you on soundcloud?

odindj Yes! Find me: OdinDJ on SC, insta n Twitter...Odin Music for FB!

katblack How about #singers...can we get busy too? Feeling this; nice work!!

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Odin - Struck [Instrumental]
Thank you for the warm welcome to @Brapp! <3 I love seeing all your reactions, bars and likes! In return I decided to... read more


diaspace Gek hoor

thebreaks Cancer sexi

sense16 This is actually beautiful, I'm writing some deep serious bars over this. I appreciate your work keep it up

mrfayyaz Makes me feel all kinds of good

albarizza That's looooovely xx

eightysix Smooood

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Odin - Untitled - Looking for #Vocalists
Aye people...If u are a #RnB / #Soul #vibes #singer feelin this #beat, then hit me up' comment below and I will shoot... read more


eightysix Trax a winner .no more said .............Matter fact you ain't feelin it you either numb or dead

thebreaks @jamescherry @graziella @starvingyetfull @shereesurreal @laville @alia @joshbevan

odindj @eightysix thanks mate!!

joshbevan Yo man, would love a pop at this. You can send to

bleeckr Woahh this is sick. Love to see what I can do with it?

summitn This is chill as brother. Please send a demo to and I'll lay you some vox.

shereedubois Oooh niiiiice, yep would love to play on this @odindj


stretchmc Yeah yeah

odindj @Shereesurreal pass me your email! :)

shereedubois @odindj I've inboxed you on insta x

djevidenz Real nice, got some marvin vibe going

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Odin - Corazon - Looking for #Vocalists
Oi Folks, Im looking for a #vocalist for this track I made..#lounge and #summer #vibes! Comment below and Ill shoot u...