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Liam McDonlad

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Its 11:37pm in bushwick freestyle
Beat by timeoutbeats
Just me, baked...serving bars off too fresh out the oven!! #bjornagainstoner


timeoutbeats Nice frees bro! Big ups

bjornmajestik @timeoutbeats appreciate the sounds and the energy!!

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nikimukhi Amaze!!!

chesterp Excellent stuff! Really enjoyed that thanks!

cwjones safe chess , appreciate it. buzz the folk dittys I've seen you play

maaaaar I love this!!! Soooooo nice!!!


beatcotheque Hell yea!

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hollyflo London

#Soledxb #brapptv
Beat by westyproducy
Featuring my gurl Sarah Tonin from BITCH PLEASE


ptredeyez My girls x


raad dope

ladysanity Killin' it !!

mimindme Hello please repost/watch my latest brapp video much appriciated! Thanks

specialized Siiiiiicccckkk!

ajhaskyyyy Go fucking crazy

toffajustlean This is big !

antidot3 @hollyflo lets do some work

bigbobcohen That was wicked awesome!!!

onsra Sheeesh

maxta Awesome flow

mills17 I fucking love you.

hollyflo Optional("")@mills17 I fucking love you. Shall we both post vids this weekend? See who has a better backdrop...Australia or deptford

mills17 Hahahah xxx

hollyflo Optional("")@mills17 lets do it

orlando_wade Fire! check my beats and see if you can do something to them

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al Absolute fire every time!!!!!

jyager Flow is too much brooo

anicesouvenir Finally. Been waiting for you jump on this P! scorched verse

2shy Yes P u sicko

adibanti Fully merked it!

honkenholm Dude, wish I could have been there.

00doylej01 Sick man! Btw if u lookin for weed over there go to the guys selling the fake Gucci bags

81badman Brappppp!!!!!

rbtovitocrew Straight killed it

iamvin One of my favourite verses. Think I can spit it too, it's been awhile.

monasalaam Insane!

jazkahina Siicck bro

ghosttownbeats nuts!

urbannerds Yep, yep and more YEP!

sosouthern Are you maddd, what a collab

jmac Ur flow is cold bro

prysds @foreginbeggars you got a contact email I can reach you on bruv?

chylez Bad ass man, big up

fatbass76 Lourd rsp !! ;)


nebula_beatz Cheers

nebula_beatz Good job

helzs Fire

helzs Check my beat

nikhilenvy Jheeeeeeze!!!

caravanerecords Good !! Check my page homie good productions

nebula_beatz need your voice on my Beat

bricks LDN big choon.

dhackmedia Yusss

futurarhymez Dude I'm new too brapp! So have missed all these fookin ace videos @foreignbeggars keep being blessed by new ones in the chart so delivery is so friggin tight!

iomega Remember when I gave u back rub with my feet at Omar's ? Top man didn't realise who you were then ah

fatbass76 Big flow Fury !!!

yanaku Casual Venice freestyle

henderson Absolute Fire!!!

henderson Got some instros on my page you’d kill!

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elhawk Dope brother

browne madness!

theory haha nice

harvsletoad Dope mate rizpek

im_floki Scottish prophet bang bang bang absolute fire bro!!!

im_floki I want the whole track right now bro dope rhymes!!!!!

tnrt Jeezus!

drskn_ Killing it as always

bearbeats Dope g

dreadeyefreen i fuckin rate u bro. sick


chairmanmaf Nice!


duggibeats Yes fam

quantumatics Dope

controlproblem Sick

rendola Sick! Need a copy of the full track?


budabapbeats I keep coming back to this. I love it

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alphamemphis Queens


genghisdaze Blessed the beat G

machia FUEGO!

offcutt So sick alpha. Loving the vibe. Positive steez

raad yes yes

ankhara Cooool

kidblanco yess blud !

eightysix Music and lyrics gelling ..Sound like a song

kylenmusic You got flow bruh

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mediadivision это огонь! мне нравится очень...

leomannofficial Ah merci !

offcutt Beautiful voice

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justindigo Couch

Rosary vs money trees
Beat by gwop
What's a demon what's a God outside our body? We feed gwap to the church yet pastor surfs a Maserati, testify the... read more


mskal shootout

kmamusic Slick flow brother

raad This is dope

offcutt Big sick flows and content is spot on

raad @gwop @justindigo I'd love to hear a full length

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alphamemphis I needed this today thank you so much for sharing

loddzilla Really rather radical


dreemer Would You Send Me Some More Of These Beautiful Vocals !!??, Please Email Me if So More I would Like To Use Them On Some of my Beats ...

mskal coool

raad Lovely

offcutt Beautiful stuff. Soothing

d13 You a lily Allen sound! Love this I need you on some tracks

ry Amazing

machia so dope!

mfjw Excellent! I love that voice.

tjmusic Wow natural .

iamcas This is epic

justicebfdb Yo defo send me this beat and let me fire you a verse back

citizendope lovely yo

neekz Wicked. I'll make a trizzy with u any day here's sum of my Muzik add me on FB I am neekz lawrence and fan page is Lil Neekz. Let's make a hit!

da_ruff_poet Wow that's

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boneintell Linden

larry_swyndon Fire

raad Dooope

alphamemphis Tabernacle!

offcutt Sick flows mayn

jazzychavo Yeeee!

boneintell @raad

boneintell @alphamemphis @offcutt @jazzychavo

_robbyb Haha Yes! My boy I see you!