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Beat by gwop
Got something that I need to go VIRAL FOR REAL FOLLOW ME INSTAGRAM @OFFICIALKINGMJ trying to get Verified on @brapp


gwop FLAMES !!

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rasahquinzel Cooooool

mrreem Optional("")@rasahquinzel merci beaucoup kick une de mes prod si y en a une qui plait ;) Snap mr-reem

rasahquinzel Yesss

albadman Some funky shit!

mrreem Optional("")@rasahquinzel j’aime bien ce que tu fait je vais te rt sur Brapp France

mrreem Optional("")@almatic yea man this shit is good for funk

rasahquinzel @mrreem merci !! Me rt ? Je savais pas qu’il y avait un brapp fr je débarque depuis pas longtemps dans le truc!

albadman Love the pitch bending vocoder bruz, sick

mrreem Optional("")@almatic talkbox is not an vocoder man this is two different shit

mrreem Optional("")@rasahquinzel oui sur Facebook Brapp et Twitter mais on es plus très actif ça faisait un bail que je me suis pas connecter

rasahquinzel @mrreem bha merci c’est cool!

albadman Optional("")@mrreem oh yeah true that

nikimukhi Woiii!!

mixeta Luv it

mrreem Optional("Optional(\"\")@nikimukhi ")@mixeta_jan thanks guys! Like and Share pls!

gabzmc This is something else bro pure talebt

mrreem Optional(" ")@gabzmc yo thanks bro!! tchek my beats and freestyle

gabzmc Can you make any jump up Dnb 175bpm ?? I'd be interested mate

mrreem Optional("")@gabzmc maybe, I just should to try

gabzmc Have a go mate I'll check your freestyles check my brap attacks mate

raad Nice

yanaku Yo what talkbox is that bro? Sik tune btw

hannahtobias This is so sick! Can't stop listening to it haha, do you have a full length version to buy or download? :)

mrreem Hey thanks for comment guys I will do the part 2 to this video

mrreem Optional("")@hannahtobias so I think on YouTube some people play this soud!

mrreem Optional("")@yanaku The talkbox

mrreem Optional("")@yanaku The Talkbox heil souno bruh

quantumatics Dope

lilsmooth Follow my account for beats every beat just ask

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officialkingmj @raad BIG LOVE

mrconcept That was dope


officialkingmj @mrconcept much appreciated

officialkingmj @nikimukhi

gwop DOPE !!!!

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Protective Boyfriend Freestyle
Beat by gwop
If she your one and only you have to show her that you her one and only


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Beat by gwop
Been gone for to long time to kill some beats


gwop DOPE !

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Pacman Challenge Prod By. Edmgonthebeat
#PacmanChallenge Do you set the bar!! If you were pacman how would you beat the game? Kill It!!!!!


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officialkingmj Mississippi

Lost Boy (Remix)
Kingdom Of Kingz Mixtape out now on spinrilla link in bio This was the first song on the tap had to give yall a...



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They always get it
Beat by kermit
Action speak louder than words well damn


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