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Day 91. Beat 91. Last One I'm Posting. Can't Be Bothered Anymore. Wish I Didn't Start TBH. #RunOutOfBeats



rev_records Might as well get to .

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bluecanarinho Good beard to bars ratio, big up man

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sosouthern Colddd


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Beat by formz
Grime hip hop rap trap


dosgringos that was raw! Big up!!

kingpin Thanks. Hadn't done one for a hot minute so I thought I would just give em some more ;)

joeshire sickkkk son! I wanna know the bar after the last one, it cut just in time!

kingpin Ha ha. Your right there was more ;)


jazkahina Sick bro!!

kingpin Thanks @jazkahina

foreignbeggars Jheeeez

kingpin Nice one fellaz

formz oooooh.....

chesterp Gwarn bro!

kingpin Nice one @chesterp means a lot coming from you

kingpin @formz glad I did your beat justice maybe i can use your production on my next project

formz No doubt!! Holla G!!

thebreaks Super Hard!!!!

shotstoppa Mashed it up!!! Big up them bars and flow!! #More

kingpin Yes fellas. All the likes and reposts are appreciated. Big up!!

dagga Fire

skitzbeatz boss man

kingpin Thanks @skitzbeatz wanna work. I'm putting together a but if grime and trap project now

newancients Damn son went in!

bannyb what did you have at nando's? lol

kingpin @bannyb I didn't order nothing. I was waiting for my girl @shayD who got some lemon chicken and a corn on the cob. If I had ordered it would have been Xtra Hot

bannyb Ha ha well sick Barz man

mcsubliminal Jheez madman

huskybeats sick bars!!!

djvadim Kingpin man it's time u came studio! Try a hook up wid u since ghost face killah show at scala. Remember that

shayd Siiiiiiiiick!!

kingpin @djvadim yeah man I remember that my man. Would love to come down to your studio and lay down some vocals on your production bro.


itsonlyblaze Pure fire fam

keiosxlek Daaaammnn !! lourd !!

ptredeyez Too much. Mans got a full stomach of Nandos aswell

bigp go on my face book for floxer trap full version

oski fire fire fire bro keep it up damn!!! fire

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Freestyle Part 5
Big Thank You To Everyone That's Been Liking & Re-Posting My Beats. Here's The Latest Beat From The Freestyle... read more


mastersplinter Raw shit

lrd @officialsevere @mastersplinter Thank you

officialsevere Always coming with sickness fam!

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

eightysix @lrd "I don't charge for my music " ? LRD's a DON

lrd @eightysix haha thank you bruva. It's all fun & games.

emceerebels sic

lrd @evvyitter

lrd Respect for the repost @officialsevere

officialsevere @lrd I always give credit where it's due fam

lrd Respect @pinkymc check some of my earlier stuff on here. Some bits I think you'll like bro.

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engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

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shaundeanmusic Wicked bruv!

officialsevere Respect fam! I've got more to come

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

keiosxlek bruuuuuuuhhhh dope broo

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lrd BIG

officialsevere Props fam! Let's get it bro

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timeoutbeats Dope bro! Big up!

officialsevere Respect fam,

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rebelaca Oh boy oh boy. Well that's my Sunday sorted ..listening to this on ever-last, staring at the sunshine dreaming up thoughts I never had

timeoutbeats @rebalaca appreciate that man!! You should record something

sophiejade This ones unreal

timeoutbeats @sophiejade thanks appreciate it

mskal Huge sir.......

realjackjordan Definitely getting my teeth in this