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The Off The GRID Channel

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r0p0 Very nice sir @Psyke

psyke Love this beat! Respect to @jazzychavo

jazzychavo @offtgrid aaa yeeee!

jazzychavo @psyke apreciate that bro! much love from athens city!

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psyke Cheers to @medikayshun for dope beat!

medikayshun Murked it mate

psyke Haha Cheers bro!

psyke Is there a full version of this beat @medikayshun

medikayshun @psyke I only just made it as a general beat, there isn't a hook change or anything, get at me at if you want to chat about it

danieldan Would love to hear a full track

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psyke Big Up to @can_u_rap_ondis for the beat! Classic sample bro!

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danieldan Mental bars ~~~~

r0p0 Represent

psyke Cheers @Jaysu for the call out!

jaysu I LOVE IT !

chesterp I'm not the fonz but I could be his relation! Classic bars!

psyke hahaha cheers @chesterp! Appreciated!

mrharryangel Nice man, enjoyed it

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jaysu So cool man!

psyke Mad love @jaysu the beat is fresh.

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r0p0 Head nodding good bro! @bricks on point.

danieldan Love this #collab between @PsyKe and @bricks

bricks RESPECT bruv.

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r0p0 Hot fire #Collab

psyke Big Up to @notion for the beat! Slick!

danieldan My man @notion with the beat! #NotionMusic #DownUnderConnetGang

r0p0 Haha #DUCG

notion Cheers fellas!

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diaspace Sick bruv!

psyke Slick Beat Bro! @diaspace

slowz Nice1 g

psyke Cheers @shadow Appreciated

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Shay D on the #BrappTag big up @mcjumanji
Beat by saulthesame
BrappTag ShayD on the beat #BrappTag Thanks to @mcjumanji for tagging me in & @saulthesame on beat i tag @kingpin next


genghisdaze Killed it!

saulthesame Yes yes! Nice!

danieldan Cheers @ShayD ~ You smashed it!

thebreaks Vibes

offtgrid Dope! Up next is @kingpin ~ get em!

ukmillz Girl got fire


maticulous That was dope!

mcjumanji ayyyye nice wun

joshryan Yes yes yes

migprod yoyo good fellings

vicebeats Yes shay! Dope as ever! X

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jazkahina Sick beat

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psyke @davebass on the beat! Slick!

danieldan Yes sir! Spittin fire

davebass BIG UP! this is DOPE!

psyke Mad love! Cheers @davebass the beat is dope....dup-hoppin!

psyke Mad love! Cheers @davebass the beat is dope....dup-hoppin!

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BRAPPTAG #7 2016
Beat by psyke
Cheers for the tag @twoface my debut #Brapp ~ Big ups for the support people! Tagging in @mcjumanji from Miami!... read more


r0p0 My man @danieldan killed it @offtgrid #onetake #tonydanza

offtgrid How we duz it! #OffTheGrid

twoface Had my head noddin from start to fin! Got them good vibe brutha

danieldan Much respect @twoface ~ Thanks again for the tag Mang!

psyke Dope! @offtgrid @psyke on the beat @danieldan with the fire on the mic!

danieldan Thanks for the beat brother @PsyKe you up @mcjumanji