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Beat by copiusbeats
Tried one of my original compositions on this beat! Sounds great! :) I imagined a techno flow added to this!


copiusbeats Sounds great, nice work! Would be nice to hear the rest of what you have for it. Shame I can only upload a minute's worth. I'll upload it to soundcloud shortly

olghank Thanks Man! Id definitely love to hear the whole beat! Looking forward to when you post it!

hijack Ohhhhh my!!!! Sounds f*+%#%g bea-Utifil

copiusbeats What's your email address? I'll send it over to you, can feel this being the start of an epic tune

shotstoppa Queen

olghank @hijack , @shotstoppa I appreciate it!!

cypher i am rehearsing at the moment and practice makes perfect and im not perfect YET

olghank @cypher we do improve each day!

brohud You amazing !!!your voice like angel fly on the sky

olghank Optional("")@brohud Thank youu

kozyan22 Пойдёшь ко мне на припев?

soulnechnii Optional("")@kozyan22 дунь в хуй лучше

kozyan22 Optional("")@soulnechnii твоя мамочка так не считала когда рожала тебя))

mega_litt WoW

mfvandal Hi your songs great ,, I really need a female vocalist to sing a hook iv writing if you might be a interested can you let me know ,, got a few good tracks coming that have been produced by some fairly big heads let me know cheers

joshuadavid That’s Whassup! God done blessed you girl! Big up!

sb708 Let’s do a song together

unicorns hheeeyyyy ggooo ssseeee unicorns iii ddoooo rrraaapppppiiinnngggg aabbbooouuttt hhhooowww cccoooollll iii aaammm ssooo gggeeetttt llliiikkeee mmeee!!!!

marston Wow

mixeta Lovely

olghank Optional("")@hijack Thank youuu

olghank Thank you all so much. Sorry for the late reply. I've been offline for a while. My email address is

mckillerpagan Oh shittttt!!!!!!!jsbshsbsbbssbbs

jeaniusbeats Smooth voice

peterpanner good day! my name is gleb i am a producer i would love to collaborate. you have a crazy talent. here's my email: could you please write me there?

kissfist It would make my day if you sang to one of my tracks. :-)

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olghank Yaounde

Beat by timeoutbeats
Been a while with Brapp! . Good morning from Cameroon.


bigmungz Wow so soulful

timeoutbeats Sounding great as usual thanks for blessing another one of my tracks

missleevibe feeling this vibe sis

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olghank Yaounde

Careless Whispers - George Michael
Beat by benny777blaze
Just wanted to see if i could fit the lyrics on this beat. :))


benny777blaze Dope :) you have a lovely voice

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timeoutbeats Melbourne

olghank Your creations are so good! I love almost all of them. Especially these with the jazzy feel!

timeoutbeats @olghank thanks for the kind words means a lot!

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olghank Yaounde

Usai you dey? (Where are you?)🎶
Beat by slyq
Music is why not do a jazzy sax song in the pidgin-english language. Pidgin-wnglish is widely spoken... read more


kwenubeats Madam how you dey?

cypher Ive been very busy working on my music and am better and comfortable how are You??

dimitritrips Very dope

danxie Send me nudes

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olghank Yaounde

Beat by timeoutbeats
« We’re. fighting and dying and soon there’d be nothing to leave the young ones! » #soul #hiphopsoul #neosoul


timeoutbeats This is great!! love the lyrics

beeunreal Missed that voice

jrfbbeats Yesss this is a great vibe

halvcast Yo this is fiiiirre I'd love to work together

ashbradable Can we get married

markgenerous Perfect!!!


olghank @timeoutbeats your beats are always dope!

olghank Thank you all so much!

cypher Ive been very busy working on my music and am better and comfortable how are You??

User @olghank's avatar
User @olghank's avatar

draw Nice

saulthesame You are crazy talented! Gotta work with you! ASAP.You got a soundcloud page or email or something? Thanks

ilda_queen @draw what is the thumbnail? Lol

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timeoutbeats Nice one! Sounding great as usual

jeaniusbeats Love it!

maskamilla Great vocals

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nikimukhi Always

bigshamu Dope

jeaniusbeats I love it!!

arem My god! what a voice! :D


macka Beautiful... fire to ma ears ...much love from Germany

navas1215 Amazing!

olghank Oh wow! thank you all so much! I appreciate it fr!

olghank Optional("")@bigshamu thanks man!



kylenmusic Yoooo. This is FIRE

sali_pmc Raaaah this is sick

kozyan22 Огонь малышка

maskamilla @olghank this one spoke to my soul

killerc Let it all out true soul

indexindo Jheeeze

sinzae i feel in love with the looks and the voice oh my.

latenightkungfu Feeeeeeel this

dskyz Would love to work with you that’s an ama

dskyz @dskyz amazing, special talent you’ve been gifted.


nevermind78 You have talent & spunk girl!! Love the beats & your vocals. We need more positive influences & to hear more encouraging wordsit’s infectious keep burning bright

deny sublime

deny sublime

ronnygambino Wow u got the voice!

shammagic So COOL !!!

enterthelab That voice hits me deep. Keep on

kwenubeats Sheesh!

plutomarz Deep message! And that voice.. beautiful

kissfist Oh WOW... by far my favorite talent on Brapp so far. Blessed!

b4cani OMG.. that was great deep soul


demolee Aw this is

dandelionhagos I wrote an original song for my ex, would you look at it and if you like it maybe we can collaborate. :)

dandelionhagos I wrote an original song for my ex, would you look at it and if you like it maybe we can collaborate. :)


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timeoutbeats Dope!! Much love for blessing the beat

thesoulsinger @timeoutbeats No doubt. The track is fire. I would love to get a chance to finish writing and record it.

timeoutbeats @soulsinger21 appreciate it! Definately down to work on a full version. Whats your email?

thesoulsinger @timeoutbeats

thesoulsinger @timeoutbeats What’s your email ? I’m getting so much good feedback on this one. We need to get together and do this fill version.

timeoutbeats @soulsinger21 dope! I just sent you an email

thesoulsinger @timeoutbeats Cool

dirtybuckle Brilliant!

thesoulsinger @dirtybuckle Thanks

olghank Wow!

thesoulsinger @olghank Thanks.


thesoulsinger @linguizy Thanks

carleto So dope, good luck on the release x

ronnygambino Damn bruh! Dope beat

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copiusbeats Beautiful

shotstoppa Stunning!

crypmindbeats WOW, honestly that lil snippet just gave me goose bumps. Thanks for blessing the beat

thesoulsinger Dope beat and an awesome voice. Nice.

olghank Optional("")@copius Thank you

olghank Optional("")@shotstoppa

olghank Optional("")@crypmindbeats Ohhh thanks man. I loved it once I heard it!

olghank Optional("")@soulsinger21 Thanks man!

26beats @olghank amazing voice !!!!

journeemars Amazing voice, even better delivery..