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All in
Beat by lrd
Please check out new BRAND NEW EP ‘THE EXIT’ with LRD and FIONA JANE out now on Spotify! Thanks Brapp.


emceerebels Searching now!

nikimukhi This is , and the EP is too! Big ups @fionajane and @lrd

agzillabeats Two dope forces come together!! Love this.. selling ep on iTunes? One Love. Zz.

fionajane Yo @agzillabeats thanks man! Yes available on iTunes ;) The Exit - EP by LRD

olghank Wow! This is beautiful !

murin Круть

gilflo Superb!!

donsubstance niceness

strugla wow what a voice

fionajane Thank you!

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nikimukhi This is nuts!!

gig19 oh my lord

raad big ting

raqueldivar Dannng. Lovin the tunes.

bruhluuh Nice!

akhash AOUH !

zico Whoa

viking Oi oi oi! You're beats are the nuts!

drskn_ Oh my fucking God!!

drskn_ This is literally too much man, FUUUUCK!

eternal510 yooooo this song slapppppppppp super hard got damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whooooooooooo definatley on reapeat

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nikimukhi That was nuts! Big up @gracesavage

citizenk @gracesavage sick

mrchisti Congrats on winning this years Group UK Beatbox Championships with Bells, you are truly one talented individual, smashed it

gracesavage @nikimukhi @citizenk @mrchisti Thaaaanks :D

timeoutbeats Nice!!

newancients Whoa! That was crazy

pleura_fe Bam @species_fe

raad Holy smokes!

lebreeze Wow! Too good

gi3mo Rrrrraaaa

gi3mo Was it expecting that

gi3mo *not

saulthesame ahh yeah.

skeptic7 talent!!

lindenjay yoooooo this is dope!!! yeaaaaaaaaa

eightysix Big .

gracesavage @lindenjay you're the dope

psyke Dope!

zaxxon Nice one!

pathjap ouuuu

leahvee Ahhmazing u are!!

lastdisciple special!

mixeta Soooo gooodddd

young40jim ahhh yeahhh!!!

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beatcotheque Génial les mecs

massabzer @beatcotheque Merci mec l'instru est un régal

olghank Really nice 4 real!!

raad dope

massabzer @olghank thanks a lot!

massabzer @raad Ty bro

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Beat by physiks
Lil something i made with my improvised car journey lyrics that i tried to make sense of #hiphop#vocalist#singer#brapp#


antidot3 @maddyofficial lets collab on some tracks

doluxbeatz yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

doluxbeatz i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stk Heat, let collab!!

anishbeats Wow dope voice.

olghank Beautiful vocals! :)


agzzy Your a proper sick singer. If I need a chorus sung I'm coming straight to you

mpm_producer Dope voice, check out my beats ;) I'm making a compilation of artists ;)

marston So soulful, I doth my

thesinger Wow that’s really good. Great voice

gungato That debut mainstream album...imma need a signed graph from u ma...


tristandawood Love it, love your sound! You got raw talent!

budabapbeats Chills

jackiebond I would fall in love with you if we ever met.

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beatcotheque Wow!! That voiceI love what you did with the song!

olghank Thank you @beatcotheque

cypher Hello

olghank @cypher hey

cypher im still here struggling to rehearse where im living due to jealous people

mckillerpagan Jhhhhheeessssusssss is present. Lol. Power.

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nikimukhi Amaze!!!

chesterp Excellent stuff! Really enjoyed that thanks!

cwjones safe chess , appreciate it. buzz the folk dittys I've seen you play

maaaaar I love this!!! Soooooo nice!!!


beatcotheque Hell yea!

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jdanproductions Smooth vocals

russ Love your stuff girl

kermit Wow!

olghank Thank you @jdanproductions I'm glad you like the creation

olghank @hatchet18 , @russ , @kermit ...thank youuu I really appreciate it!!

east10 This is sweet as fuck!!!

mckillerpagan Stop looking at me like that

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specialists this is awesome!

brokenlandbeats Damnnn this voice! This is fire! Let’s collab hit me up!

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User @olghank's avatar

Never Afraid (When Im with you)
Beat by prodprophets
Thinking about life, and about how believing makes things easier! #prodprophets #olghank #musicflow #piano #soul... read more



olghank @nikimukhi

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dirtybuckle This sounds great. Would be good to do a full song.

leomannofficial Thank you xx Ye let's try

dirtybuckle my email is

dirtybuckle I can send you some full beats