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onsra Virginia
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hollyflo London

#Soledxb #brapptv
Beat by westyproducy
Featuring my gurl Sarah Tonin from BITCH PLEASE


ptredeyez My girls x


raad dope

ladysanity Killin' it !!

mimindme Hello please repost/watch my latest brapp video much appriciated! Thanks

specialized Siiiiiicccckkk!

ajhaskyyyy Go fucking crazy

toffajustlean This is big !

antidot3 @hollyflo lets do some work

bigbobcohen That was wicked awesome!!!

onsra Sheeesh

maxta Awesome flow

mills17 I fucking love you.

hollyflo Optional("")@mills17 I fucking love you. Shall we both post vids this weekend? See who has a better backdrop...Australia or deptford

mills17 Hahahah xxx

hollyflo Optional("")@mills17 lets do it

orlando_wade Fire! check my beats and see if you can do something to them

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onsra Check Out the full song in my bio. I have many more hope y'all rocking wit it

onsra My song in the bio