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Prince Eton Paslow

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paslow London

djevidenz yes bro, feelin this, big up

djevidenz i keep re watching this, love the flow

paslow @djevidenz thanks bro, this beat

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paslow London

Rusty part 2
Beat by timeoutbeats
Still just practicing/having a bt of fun, need to work on the sound quality. Next one should be proper


timeoutbeats much love for jumping on the beat


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jboss1989 Geezer, would appreciate you going over one of my beats if you can. bless up. JBoss


paslow Think I just followed u on soundcloud, if that weren't u just follow me instead at princepaslow @sim

paslow @jboss1989 gonna hit up ur page now

milver Caught the same feeling from this one bro. Nice honest 'be grateful for what we got' kind of bars. Rate that!

djevidenz Ill !!

djevidenz If you still about, and need work. Holla

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User @paslow's avatar

F*ck with me (another Roadman rap)
Beat by lrd
I just throw em out, it's up to u guys to catch em lol enjoy... Bars



jboss1989 geezer, check my beats would be hecky if you would go some bars over beats for me!


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paslow With no shame I tell her the bigger 'pictures' a 'crop' I don't care about her 'frame'.. For all the days I didn't go hard in the 'paint'"..... Hope u lot r actually catching this shit man! Endless bars

lrd So sick



paslow Respect bros @lrd @raad @badadsin

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jyager @illiterate_

themez You can call me a nerd cos I kno u ain't smart!!

newancients Yo nice one dude, Midnight sesh on blast

missmiakang Love this

timeoutbeats Dopeee

sosouthern Sick wid it

ayahmarar Dope

dosgringos Vibes!!

illiterate_ Real nice homie!

jrokkamusic jeeeez son, heavy vibes

illuminative Smashed it verb t like !!!

3mebeatz Vibez

jyager @themez love my g big up fam

jyager @newancients thank you g

jyager @missmiakang thank you ma

jyager @timeoutbeats thanks bro

jyager @sosouthern dunknow my g big up bro

jyager @yaya thanks ma

jyager @dosgringos415 bless my gz

jyager @illiterate love g

jyager @jrokkamusic thanks fam

jyager @mchedges thanks g

jyager @3mebeatz love my g

evalazarus Favourite!!!!

paslow This cold fam, we gotta do a brap together


mrconcept Nice verse and beat

viking Smooth

iomega Nice

dooly Fire

User @paslow's avatar

mskal sooooo cooool

paslow Thanks @mskal

ptredeyez You suit that beat mate!

3mebeatz That's fire

lrd Dope