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Peter John Mckeil Jr. Florida, USA

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Beat by genghisdaze
Hot day in the car waiting for my daughter to get off school drop and freestyles LOL what else is there to do


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nikimukhi Dubai

Nylon Jam
Beat by normoddity
@normoddity this beat is lovely!! #guitar #jamming mandolin style x


lrd Dope!

sicksixetbeats oh my , I want to vocal this!!!!! <3 it

normoddity Raaaaz! Yes mate!

nikimukhi Big up guys!!! @lrd @sixksixetbeats @normoddity @newancients @mrchisti x

lrd Can you record something for me to make a beat to? Whatever sound you want man. Something deep or something gritty. Anything! Haha

nikimukhi @lrd yeah man just finally getting a rig set up... Any particular bpm? I'll just lay some bits down for you to chop up and play with

lrd Yeah man. That'd be perfect. Anything from 90 to 100 bpm would be nice

normoddity @nikimukhi I listen to this at least once a day. Much appreciated :)

nikimukhi @normoddity thanks bro!!

eightysix love this

normoddity @nikimukhi gotta keep coming back to this, so beautiful! Big ups again!

nikimukhi @normoddity thanks man! The beat is dope and it just felt right! BIG ups!!

beaturself So deep...Really nice!

normoddity @nikimukhi can you send me some recordings on this vibe..? I still come back to this

nebula_beatz +++

nebula_beatz good vibe niki

dalillarmz Dope skills brother

nikimukhi Thanks Gs @nebula_beatz @dalillarmz

nikimukhi @normoddity I will do man when I make some. Have some plans :)

nikimukhi Thanks G!! @tonybuddha

rkivemusic Mad skills

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Dark humor
Beat by dirtybuckle
Not much for being dark nor scary so you can almost see me laughing trying to be hard with a shotgun


peteypete941 Not what I usually post but im just venturing out

dirtybuckle Sounds great dude! made me smile

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peteypete941 Sarasota County

2017 Feelings
Beat by abraham_lilson
This that type a song you kick back to and smoke a big fat one with chill type shit


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exist Seriously bro I'm liking that especially the end bit bro you've got it! Thank you for your words#brap

peteypete941 Yeah halfway through I realized I could flow slow style with that smooth feeling so I gave it a try and it worked

peteypete941 Can I make the beats longer so i have more time to spit or is this as much as we get

exist It's a pain in the ass but that's the most we aloud to put out there, I'll make the next beat that jumps straight into it more than having the intro at the beginning, be sure to keep updated I'll throw one out in a few hours

peteypete941 Sounds good man. I suppose one minute is ok for spitting 16 and throwing shots back and forth at people but ive been searching for an app like pro tools, i downloaded a few over the last year or two and even paid for the first on called "I Am T-Pain

peteypete941 I have Speazie also

peteypete941 This app and the "I am T-Pain app

exist Download BandLab it's the best way in making professionalised studio type recordings

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exist Bruh this is sick

peteypete941 Its aight just foolin

exist #challenge do my latest beat 'vendetta' read my quote (description) and pretty much write something that goes to mind with the beat as in does the violins take you to a subject when you feel it needs to be spoken about

peteypete941 Can I make the beats longer so i have more time to spit or is this as much as we get