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djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

oab PowAAAAA!

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novarflip Jeeez

jyager Going in bro...

sizzahandz Bars for days. Beat finished to soon Donny.

si_phili @sizzahandz. Haha. Big up Bredrin.

tomryan Venomous!

dosgringos Flow is ill surgical precision

dubble_ggg Fuck off... Fire man big up


g3nes12 Yes Philli... Come like Dem old Millennium Metaphors times

abetheproducer HottaReddaFiiiiiiyah!!!!

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foreignbeggars Badman!! Where you from bruv


poemz peace man dope app I'm in the u.k by way of New Jersey

sosouthern Jheeeez, going inn bro

raad Boooom!

richyspitz sick as always

jyager Bang!!!! Sick @jaron big up g

funtcaseuk Fuckin helllllll KILLED it!!

kutz Jheeze! Serious flow!

sizzahandz Man went in. Brapppppp

metropolis Woooiiii

dotz @foreignbeggars yo pav this is skit, he was part of PLC for the higher forces album

foreignbeggars Sick Don

okaz Great

djevidenz Jheeeez killed it

oab Bangra, what!

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hinesyhines Sick man.

poemz Love this beat bro

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hinesyhines Sick. Nice work.

nikimukhi Yesss

sumgii Jheeeeeeze

benny777blaze Nice work


eightysix Yuh ...