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Adam Fitzsimon

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rev_records Dopeness

raad 👊🔥

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quantumatics 👌

leahvee 🙏 @quantumatics

leahvee @nino_krm Thanks for the beat and share! Hope I did it justice 🙈

leahvee @barz thanks for sharing 💯✔️

leahvee @poetix big ups appreciate the support 🔥✨💫

leahvee Mad love to everyone on the like button 👍 Looking for some #Drum and #Bass beats for the next drop 🎤

russtafari Hey girl, link to colab, your 🔥

nino_krm @leahvee sure you did 👊👏😜

leahvee @russtafari yeah man best to hit me up via leahveemusic@gmail.con

dhuz Quality in all your tunes!!! :)

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chesterp @knrs

knrs @chesterp Killed it bro!! 💯👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

shotstoppa Jheeeez! Lights Out. Lights Out.

dosgringos Dope!💉💉💉

cosm Heavynesss

mynameisnuttyp Fire

golden_nine Dopeness!

genghisdaze Top

verse1 Yo chessmonster , if u get a chance personal message me fam , trust , keep up the light work , the universe thanks you for bringing such a fiery energy

viking Just YES YES YES

viking Just YES YES YES

viking Just YES YES YES

docskeng Kickin mad knowledge g! Check my beats and follow me back if you can please bro, peace!!

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The End
Old School Piano Beat


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thebreaks Sick guy

notion Big up on both you muhhfukas that was so ILL

krisisartist @thebreaks @notion thanks Guys I Appreciate the love styll

quantumatics 👌

krisisartist @Quantumatics 👍🏼

fy_knight Need to get spittin again, and to the old school sound. I got some new stuff I'll be posting soon, hope to see you on one of em! @krisisartist

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