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polabr Anyone wanna lay down some lyrics on this ?

polabr Or lemme know what style you lookin for

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Beat by litework
Quick freestyle to this aboslute peach #mance #englishjack #uk #hiphop #madvibes


marston Dope brother

english_jack Optional("")@marston bless man!

samthomas This is harrrrd

coldcarrotbeats Dope man!

miamoisa You killed it


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stretchmc Hahahaha

shubzmusic man said sheeps is deep ;D im dying, brilliant

slowz Man said the eels feel me! Snm that was sick

oab hahaaaaa e45

dhackmedia Yes

quantumatics Hahahahaha soft hands!

shayd Loooooool

tomryan Scary thing is a guy who lives in my town actually fucked a Shetland pony loool worst part is he still has friends haha

troublebcn Waiting for them to send me some wonky, while i am kickin it with this donkey. -p.mukhi 2016

oli_east This flow is what it's all about. Calm. Not trying too hard but better than most

jrolla Yes yes! Nature relate!!


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rdoubleo Mint like

eratticrecords Your good bro

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dharmonk_beats Daym!

boneintell @dharmonk_beats thanks fam dope track!

marston #bars

skpropergeez My Fucking Don

boneintell @marston thanks bruh

boneintell @skpropergeez ty fam

eratticrecords shits ill brooooooooooooo

boneintell Ty bruh @iratticrecords

djevidenz super hard

daihard fire



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silverback @ainaroxx so good

graziella I love you

trinkkets fuuuck this is great

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A new leaf🌿
Beat by eratticrecords
@iratticrecords massive respect on the beat right up my street!! Hope people enjoy listening! Much more to come...


klandestyne dope cypher , bang on point rhyme :)

klandestyne dope cypher , bang on point rhyme :)

klandestyne dope cypher , bang on point rhyme :)

klandestyne dope cypher , bang on point rhyme :)

klandestyne dope cypher , bang on point rhyme :)

klandestyne dope cypher , bang on point rhyme :)

futurarhymez @klandestyne thanks dad! Glad to hear you enjoyed it thanks for the repost :)


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Beat by physiks
Lil something i made with my improvised car journey lyrics that i tried to make sense of #hiphop#vocalist#singer#brapp#


antidot3 @maddyofficial lets collab on some tracks

doluxbeatz yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

doluxbeatz i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stk Heat, let collab!!

anishbeats Wow dope voice.

olghank Beautiful vocals! :)


agzzy Your a proper sick singer. If I need a chorus sung I'm coming straight to you

mpm_producer Dope voice, check out my beats ;) I'm making a compilation of artists ;)

marston So soulful, I doth my

thesinger Wow that’s really good. Great voice

gungato That debut mainstream album...imma need a signed graph from u ma...


tristandawood Love it, love your sound! You got raw talent!

budabapbeats Chills

jackiebond I would fall in love with you if we ever met.

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lalaumusic London


normoddity What’s your email?

lalaumusic @normoddity

normoddity @lalaumusic Sent

know1mc Would you consider making a song, with meh?