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potency93 @raad respect

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foreignbeggars Downtown Dubai

poopsidick Dope ! How did you do the effect In voice ?

foreignbeggars @poopsidick send an email to

jaykonis yess

poopsidick Thanks bro !!

addsaudio Massive!!!

stretchmc Hahahahaha the bubblers crew oggi

ptredeyez Oh My gosh!!! Bubble-ing!!

gotsomemusic Haha. Wicked. I think I know where that is in Dubai!

iomega How u get that echo

normansmall Bubbling camera work reminder me of the contact video. Just need the trippy effect to finish it off.

foreignbeggars @iomega just update the app


fiyahman Straight fire g. Standard

dsgryme #levels

dkthebarber62 Lol

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Beat by maxhasbeats
Ep buried alive summer 2016


potency93 Respect @foreignbeggars

potency93 Respect @audioscience

audioscience Sick man

potency93 Safeeee man

lrd Killed this. Need to jump on one of mine bro.

potency93 Respect man I'll do that tonight @lrd

potency93 @maxhasbeats yo man could I get a copy for my ep free release and I'll put you on it of course peace

maxhasbeats yo email me

potency93 @maxhasbeats I'll message you today man asap

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hollyflo @saulthesame

hollyflo LOL at the thumbnail

polymath This is hard @hollyflo

jazzychavo smooth and hard at the same time! aa yeee!

raj wow......

budhoundz Yo this is sick

tigerlight Love your lyrics and style sister

hollyflo @tigerlight thanks sis your voice is heavenly

illdando that was DOPE! Wicked flow

hollyflo thanks @illdando ! I've been following you for a while you dope

mrripley Intrinsick

illdando Props! Always good to hear folk feeling what I do ;D would be great to get you on a track!

hollyflo @illdando Ah mate I'd love that!

illdando Nice one! Il message you on soundcloud and get a beat sent over soon!

im_floki that voice..... you can rap boom bap stylesssss i love it @hollyflo DOPE

trickzy Love your style like a uk lauren hill almost. Went in @hollyflo

zarahjones Go on gal!

monsieureone Dopeness !!

mediadivision прекрасный голос..

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potency93 I have to hit this bro