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Pravvy Prav @pravvyprav's cover photo on Brapp.
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fromthesoul1990 Them drums are beautiful!

moniquehoney Really loving your Work!!!!!

elhawk Beauty

nikimukhi Yes!

djevidenz Real real nice !!

raad Love it

bmseka good, check my beats bro

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Harry The Tour Guide
shouts to the badman none other than Harry Love


nikimukhi Amazee!


jayprophit hot!

samthomas Oooo

lilsmooth Aye Follow @lilsmooth for dope beats

michelleward Nice beats. No idea what I’m doing first go on the app

joflo Yo, could I use this beat? It’s old so probably not, you may not even see this, but it’s so good I had to ask.

ilda_queen Classical


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nikimukhi Hells yes!! Smiling the whole way through!! @pravvyprav

pravvyprav AMAZING. best drummer I know

ar Too kind Pravvyprav :)

ar Thanks nikimukhi!

ar Lots of love to you Prav and Niki and all the Mukhis! Hope you're well!

percyfilth Riddims.

charliemac ooooooooo nice

ar Nice 1 Percyfilth!!

ar Thanx charliemac! :-)

thingy bejjjezzzz!!

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chesterp Yes prav! Good to see you on here! Hope your well mate

pravvyprav Yes @chesterp good to hear from you bro! Hope you are good too. Much love

rebelaca Shit man. Great. Now drag a bassist from the street and go mental making mash up beats. Please.

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vicebeats Nice vibe man!

stretchmc Dope rudey

mrripley Beautiful

eightysix BIG

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Beat by formz
Grime hip hop rap trap


dosgringos that was raw! Big up!!

kingpin Thanks. Hadn't done one for a hot minute so I thought I would just give em some more ;)

joeshire sickkkk son! I wanna know the bar after the last one, it cut just in time!

kingpin Ha ha. Your right there was more ;)


jazkahina Sick bro!!

kingpin Thanks @jazkahina

foreignbeggars Jheeeez

kingpin Nice one fellaz

formz oooooh.....

chesterp Gwarn bro!

kingpin Nice one @chesterp means a lot coming from you

kingpin @formz glad I did your beat justice maybe i can use your production on my next project

formz No doubt!! Holla G!!

thebreaks Super Hard!!!!

shotstoppa Mashed it up!!! Big up them bars and flow!! #More

kingpin Yes fellas. All the likes and reposts are appreciated. Big up!!

dagga Fire

skitzbeatz boss man

kingpin Thanks @skitzbeatz wanna work. I'm putting together a but if grime and trap project now

newancients Damn son went in!

bannyb what did you have at nando's? lol

kingpin @bannyb I didn't order nothing. I was waiting for my girl @shayD who got some lemon chicken and a corn on the cob. If I had ordered it would have been Xtra Hot

bannyb Ha ha well sick Barz man

mcsubliminal Jheez madman

huskybeats sick bars!!!

djvadim Kingpin man it's time u came studio! Try a hook up wid u since ghost face killah show at scala. Remember that

shayd Siiiiiiiiick!!

kingpin @djvadim yeah man I remember that my man. Would love to come down to your studio and lay down some vocals on your production bro.


itsonlyblaze Pure fire fam

keiosxlek Daaaammnn !! lourd !!

ptredeyez Too much. Mans got a full stomach of Nandos aswell

bigp go on my face book for floxer trap full version

oski fire fire fire bro keep it up damn!!! fire

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gramsofdroe True gee

ukdistinction @foreignbeggars setting the bar with that video Pav !!! Haha! Lyrics AND visuals lad!

lulazworld DATS WHATS UP FAM

bobbytank Oh gosh

leen LooooooooL! Yes Bruv!

markyscanlon THE BEST.......

ayahmarar @bobbytank we gotta work soon G

foreignbeggars @bobbytank @yaya #makeit


chairmanmaf Hahaaa love this


mojo Brrrrrapp GAS

johaslett Wow!

johaslett You need new backers Pav!

johaslett IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

johaslett I'm ready for my sieve

johaslett Pav your subject is me! Go!!! But don't me mean!

mrchisti Big!!


runwaymay This guys a fuckin rockstar

adibanti Ahahaha Pav my G!!!

sosouthern Oiiii P I M P, i need them glasses aswell!

rorysky Don!!!

rowdieberaht Ahahahhaah cabron!!


honkenholm Look at you, all grown up. Lovin it!

ramilakkisbass Bandar Abbas style

evalazarus Looool!!!!

illuminative Aha legend

jyager @foreignbeggars brother...x Lord Brappington

9stop Ayyyye

twoface Gonna be the first brap video to hit 1K! it peepz

shubzmusic hahahaha

chesterp @emceehras one of mines on over a 1000 not to be petit

twoface Yes to my discovery I forgot to delete this comment @chesterp

chesterp @emceehras all good bro! Big up all the same


bigsmokinjoe 10th time today! Lovin this one!

strikez He faaaackin loves iiiit!!!!

foreignbeggars @mightymoe



koryus ha ha ha so good !!!

datavelli My g!

docskeng Hahhaa, legend!

debbie Hahaaa yeeeeew!!!

taemintekken Good job bro, check my beat I hope you'll like it

illdando Hahahah brilliant man!

ashtheauthor Haha yes g!

sicksixet hahaha yessss

keiosxlek bruuuuhhh

chrismunky hahaha - yes Pav. Sick glasses

mylostone Ha ha! Yes y'all

akvtje yoo bro thnx for the hookup you are the best rapper in the world right now

renzeeno Jheez living that life!

dsgryme So much vibes

g3nes12 Killed it!!

percyfilth Hahah wow!!!!!!

ricksta Fucking legend!

beatcotheque lmao this is awesome

biskone Gold


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nikimukhi Smashing (literally)!!! Love this

albarizza Uh. Oh.

missmiakang You're one of my favourite vibes

djvadim Suck just sampled that as well!

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missmiakang Gully 16s

oab sick!!!

nonames gully. Mad

pleura_fe Dope

djvadim Gully16s I'm sampling this shit!!!!! Wat brap

mrchisti I prefer u in black n white, just sayin...

pravvyprav @djvadim I can com record breaks for you anytime bro. Live vibe good recordings but feel free to take them!