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Pritam Mukhi @pritam's cover photo on Brapp.
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nikimukhi Dubai

dirtybuckle Cool bro!!

nikimukhi @dirtybuckle thanks man!!

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xavrmusic cold!!!

doncotti Vibes g

dirtybuckle Dopeness! Loving this vibe

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User @pritam's avatar
pritam Dubai

nikimukhi Sounds wicked!!!


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User @pritam's avatar

ptredeyez Oiiiiii!!!! You just dropped the hot shit my don!!

pritam Thanks dude @ptredeyez been a while since I heard this myself!

ptredeyez Haha truss me fam It's saved on my archive. I've always loved the asian sound!

dzalarap Dope!

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Ivy Lab - Planebeats
#HipHop #futurebeats Planebeats features on Ivy Labs 'Twenty Questions' Ep.... read more


foreignbeggars OH SHEEEEEIT!!!!

mrconcept Wkd beat. I love the offset bass


hyroglifics Fat

ruckspin Standard ivy lab grizzle!

eightysix MONSTA music

raqueldivar Dope yall! So tight YaLL are uploading!!

koryus ho my god ! murderer !

rendola This is something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kermit jeeeehz!

alphamemphis HEAT!!

machia !!!!

scrupz Fire

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Let's Funk (WIP)
Pretty sure with the right vocal this could be absolute fire... Be interested if anyone's feelin the vibes? BRRAP


nikimukhi Yess!! Big upp Hollapheeezly in the house

hollaphonic Been away, but back again @nikimukhi ... Hope you're well bud, sorry I've been dark for a bit

nikimukhi Not at all bro! Hope you're doing excellently x

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poopsidick Aie aie aie !!!

mrconcept i can hear dark circle on this beat

taemintekken Good job bro, check my beat, I hope you'll like it

emceegoldy Yesss this is Ill!


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mrconcept Pritam i love it :)

budhoundz Tight beat bro!!

eightysix Smoooooooother then caramel coloured marble floors

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dharmonk_beats dope

markyscanlon 2 2s........4

foreignbeggars @markyscanlon who was that again

markyscanlon Man like Strikez!

oab Madnotes

silverback Genius goings on @foreignbeggars

rhikimchi Large

jrokkamusic subs in the club !!! vibe

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figarate Dope as per chess

deadott can't wait for that album!

golden_nine Heavy!!!

cecilmcfarrell Yes Chess. BOSS

cratedivizion Been Smashing It For years,Much Respect Chester

prysds BOSS.

jyager @chesterp nothing but fire brother always from day

3000bass YES! Biggup!!

eriddla the don!

illuminative Fucking huge wrecking the BRAPP scene incredible

illuminative More than just an MC, so humble, watch this guys interviews, such an inspiration

sosouthern So cold

bigsmokinjoe sick! just watched the doco too, big ups and all the best for 2016

sizezero #Inspiration

majestic The nicest

mcprincewayne Sick as usual braap

ashtheauthor Too dope! When is this dropping?

binakaj Yo P.. Check out my beats for rap

scratch4cash Good to see the Chester p

lowlife Sick


pyne King chess' salute

kyu_tracks So SICK!

lrd GOAT

prysds @chesterp have you got a contact I can hit you up on bro?

ezragraymusic sick

joe_seeds Yessss!