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360 Video?
Wasup braap! We just dropped one of the first 360 hiphop videos on YouTube. Just search The Recipe- Death to Get... read more



kinzraps That was sick bro glad I checked it out

pstormdubai @kinzraps thank you so much bro! I really appreciate it! Now I need another million to check it haha!

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pstormdubai @Swerte @therecipedxb

pstormdubai @swertemc

dilesmavis peace to @chairmanmaf on the beat

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

rbtovitocrew Lol dilesmavis!!!!!! Breathe life!!


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Not The Same Part 1
Beat by rev_records
Just a lil something...have more so will upload part 2


pstormdubai Shout out to @connectlogic for this banger

jyager @pstormdubai this is heavy bro..

pstormdubai @jyager appreciate it bro, been fucking with your stuff too...dope

jyager @pstormdubai blessings my g. Hit me on email bro let's build..

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State Of Hiphop Today...
Shout out to for going live today...this beat is a monster as well! Just a few of my views on the state of... read more


pstormdubai Shout out to @chairmanmaf for this banger...

pstormdubai Shout out to @pritam @foreignbeggars for going live today...

pstormdubai @pravvyprav @nikimukhi congrats

nikimukhi Big ups @pstormdubai DXB represent x


djevidenz Yeah big up man

pstormdubai Appreciate it @nikmukhi @chairmanmaf @djevidenz

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Morning brapp
Beat by thepurist
Shoutout to @thepurist for this banger...just a lil something for the morning.


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Had To Get On This
Beat by tomprecise
Had to jump on this last banger by @tomprecise #d2gh


tomprecise That's that right there!!

pstormdubai @brapp congrats on this app, it's gonna be massive.

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pstormdubai Fire I'm jumping on this shit right now

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jyager brapp too ill

nikimukhi Beauty x


elbs Your toneeeee

skitz Love those husky tones G!

graziella @skitz I'd love to send u some vocals!! Hope ur well

skitz Send me some!! Or maybe I'll send u something to write to.. How do u send a private message on here? Lol

graziella @skitz email me baby:

skitz Safe will do honey

oozhe Yea your dope!!


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Brap Friday
Beat by benny777blaze
Had to lace this fire by @benny777blaze after I seen my homie @swertemc on it...#d2gh @therecipedxb


benny777blaze dope

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First Recording Let's See How It Goes...The Recipe DXB
Shout out to everyone on this dope app...@daggnabit killed this beat...


pstormdubai My bad @dagnabbit spelt it wrong...

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