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Peter Gray

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johnnyp This is so dope !

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djevidenz Killed it bro

lukefluency Mighty

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ptfresh Sydney


ptfresh @sublingual thanks for the support my G

sublingual @ptfresh Big up yo! You got nice flows and content g

ptfresh @sublingual I really appreciate the feedback and will keep you updated as I’m starting a YouTube channel very soon!

sublingual @ptfresh % bro! We gotta hold each other up keep doing your thing! And ye keep me updated fam

elothesource Damm man sounds good you was cooking I got to send the full composition to you ASAP love the lyrics and subject matter great work.

ptfresh @elothesource my man thankyou so much, coming from the producer; that’s an honour. I’d like to speak further on Instagram messenger when you have a chance

elothesource @ptfresh yes indeed I will be on this afternoon ETS I will message you

nitel_p fire tone!

ptfresh @nitel_p Thankyou brother! I appreciate your words!


ptfresh @daruffpoet Thankyou my brother!

nitel_p when you release this stuff?

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ptfresh Thanks for the share brother!


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Crazy beat with a crazy flow
Beat by mick_swagger
Typo in the last bar but ah well


mick_swagger Sun tzu gave me the Kung fu with the tongue!!! Fuuuuck

ptfresh @mick_swagger haha much love my G

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mick_swagger Yes mate.

ptfresh @mick_swagger thank you so much fam! I’m doing the part 2 now :)

mick_swagger You on insta?

ptfresh @mick_swagger yeah brother ‘hiqshokrevolva’

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