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Brapp Its Been Real!✊🏾
Aye @brapptv its been real... I remember finding this app and thought wow this is such a unique idea... An app where... read more


qapt Typos like a mf lol

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mulimc Cheltenham

Friday Feeling
Beat by qapt
Here is my brapp for today, its been great fun challenging myself to create a new one everyday. I hope you enjoy it... read more



mulimc @qapt

manicman #yesyes

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hardheaded_prod banger

qapt @hardheaded_prod

zetakay I’m in love with this beat!!

genghisdaze yess g

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tywhite Pittsburgh


tywhite @qapt thanks

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qapt go off then

bl4ckp4rk Brother, I urgently need to somehow contact you, I don’t have a phone, I can’t write to you on instagram, because I'm sitting on the computer. it is important, contact me with email or 44i'cey Skype I will wait.

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jaysu Yes why not maybe on fire

qapt @jaysu lol no doubt

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stina Las Vegas

Black, White, and Grey.
Beat by qapt
I write because it’s one of the most powerful things to me. I take it to heart because it saved my life and I hope... read more


huskybeats wow what a voice

stina @huskybeats Thank you!

kissfist Love your voice, love your vibe, more more...

kissfist Care to sing to one of my tracks or collab on something?

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drweathers Sams Valley
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drweathers Sams Valley
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paisley Merseyside