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Run with it


nikimukhi Raadrock upppp in the game

lukefluency Man I been looking for a beat around 120bpm that isn't in half time! Good lookin out

raadrock Big up my G.. Thanks for blessing the beat

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jazkahina Sick bro

seandeanartist Big up sis !

dosgringos Yo this was sick mate! Big up

seandeanartist Thanks g loved the beat

kbeeoriginal Heavy fam

seandeanartist Thanks playa !

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raadrock This is good shit

viking Serious Tekkers

adibanti Mate yes!! Love it. That's proper.

chesterp That's beautiful man! Wow

eightysix That was some beautiful playin . All you needed was some Palmas

nikimukhi Thanks you guys!! Helllls yes would love some palmas... I'll get some flamenco beats up and jam on them

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What it is.