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nikimukhi Sick sonofabass

shotstoppa Nice nice! That was quality.

mykeforte Damn that's nice as hell man

tdaly Dope

knrs Using the app differently!! Nice man!!

ayahmarar Dope

genghisdaze That was top!

djevidenz Crazy crazy crazy

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nikimukhi Hahaha x

nikimukhi Hardcore bassness. And then

sicksixet dope

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nikimukhi Yessss

nikimukhi Fuggin. Love. Drums. Loads.

skillmitchell Wooooo!

ramilakkisbass I want to lay a groove on that! But how?

sludge Can u play a proper beat! Give a blast beat followed by some Sandoval bass line!

hank_hiller Sick

nikimukhi @ramilakkisbass If @pravvyprav puts some beats up as audio it is jammable on... but currently you can't make a video on a video... unless you play the video through your computer and film you playing on top #brappception

silverback Now that snare is lair!

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nikimukhi Basssssssssss X

nikimukhi (Ps plug in headphones for loudly jamming) x

ramilakkisbass Ok will making