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Oldstyle MPC Jazz beat


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Beat by foreignbeggars
Mad love to the beggars! New vid is illy.


matka boom

coryoh Tight!

mrflex Like u flow! Good luck!

mrflex Like u flow! Good luck!

raqueldivar @Matka

raqueldivar @meflex thank you!!!

dzalarap Congrats!

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WANNA FEATURE ON A FOREIGN BEGGARS RECORD You have a week to submit your verses through on the BOSH instrumental.... read more




distrackt Such a dope beat big ups

cannonmuzik How do I submit? I already recorded a verse to it

potentprophet How do I submit a verse?

sicksixet ah i need to hit this beat

doctor Hey bro I’m a beginner rapper and I think I could do great

foreignbeggars @potentprophet , @cannonmuzik, @doctor, all you gotta do is record a vid on the beat and it’s a submisiion

doctor @foreignbeggars can u follow me on ig my name on there is acrouze I would like to talk about it on there

cannonmuzik Optional("")@foreignbeggars it’s submitted !! Dope beat for sure

doctor Optional("")@foreignbeggars yo I followed u on ig and sent u a text

doctor Optional("")@foreignbeggars I posted the video and tagged u in it

ptredeyez OK THEN!

oxymoronbipolar Tried recording to this 11 times and at crashes! Anybody experiencing the same ?

lemz @foreignbeggars dropped on the beat posted n tagged u. Fuckry this app only for Apple. Got it done tho

k4set So we can only upload on an Iphone?

aemzo I really wanna submit but brapp is on a wile out

oxymoronbipolar Optional("")@aemzo I tried over 15 times yesterday

ladyeclectic @foreign the app keeps crashing I also tried a couple times

kordas check me out, if you like it, hit me up

jhurley Optional("")@foreignbeggars wicked done

klotz Yo when are the finalists being announced? @foreignbeggars

mashg4n Optional("")@foreignbeggars did I do mine in time ?

stiffydakidd Like this

killer 666

romka Q

klotz Yo, who won the verse? @foreignbeggars

nitel_p A W E S O M E!

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raad yes raquel

percyfilth Dope.

mskal nice flow @raqueldivar

elhawk This is hot! Ur hot.

ludwigvandub yeaaa dope flow , bigup !!*

hollyflo Yes gurl

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Valium Riddim
#Grime #Trap for free downloads, sample packs, music videos & more


raad ooooeee vibes

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ptredeyez Oiiiiii


moniquehoney Yeah gurrrll

alivewithin MY GIRL!!!

lalo You got it ... Damn gurl!!!

raqueldivar @Lalo thank you ma!! You are Crazy dope yourself!!

raqueldivar @heavyTrackerz @brapptv who ended up winning the contest??

dubdiggah Rah Rah!

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Ivy Lab - Planebeats
#HipHop #futurebeats Planebeats features on Ivy Labs 'Twenty Questions' Ep.... read more


foreignbeggars OH SHEEEEEIT!!!!

mrconcept Wkd beat. I love the offset bass


hyroglifics Fat

ruckspin Standard ivy lab grizzle!

eightysix MONSTA music

raqueldivar Dope yall! So tight YaLL are uploading!!

koryus ho my god ! murderer !

rendola This is something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kermit jeeeehz!

alphamemphis HEAT!!

machia !!!!

scrupz Fire

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lrd Sick

ptredeyez Wooiiiiii! Home girls goin in!!!

viciouscreep sheeesh!!! madncie

zarahjones yes yes girl!!!

zarahjones Rewind!!!!

mskal Merci bcp @raqueldivar!!!!!!! très lourd le flow share on fb directly...

mskal @raqueldivar if you look for free beats contact me peace

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zarahjones beautiful voice!!!


raqueldivar Ugh!! You crush it every time!!! Would love to collab w/ you!!

dreagalaxy That would be super dope @raqueldivar ! Thank you sis! Gonna keep u in mind

raqueldivar hollr if your feelin it! Got mad beats rn and I can send you some demos of new stuff

miccalibre Killed it! Respects

koryus I love you !!!!! so nice !!!!

dreagalaxy Thank u so much! @koryus @miccalibre

dreagalaxy @critical_music can I record on this?

djevidenz You've killed it the best

djevidenz Wow just wow. I feel 18 again with the way you sing

dreagalaxy @djevidenz thank u so muchhh!!!

mckoutbiggaman Hello girl, I would like play with you one of those days! Where do you live?!

dreagalaxy @mckout I'm in London! You mean ply uas in Instruments?

sereouszbeats Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez


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Breathing deep
Beat by lrd
#grime track and vocal from 'Da mixrace mixtape



iamsaintpaul @ptredeyez

raqueldivar errriiieeee so ill

ptredeyez @raqueldivar nice one! Loving your choppy flows on the 140bpm's we could both kill a track. Collaboration?


raqueldivar @ptredeyez fosho! down. Hit me up on soundcloud or email is


mskal man heavy level @ptredeyez

gig19 that was ridiculous.... @ptredeyez

tu_manic Boom!!!!!

ptredeyez @mskal again your support is appreciated @tumanic respect donny @giggi88 glad you liked it @raqueldivar I'm going to check you in a peice!

hasbin Yes yes big man

raqueldivar Hey P.T sent you a track on soundcloud! :)

ptredeyez @raqueldivar. I will check it out soon

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lrd Dope

koryus nice !


flack Real words. Big up yaself

jwalks You keep doing you ting son!!! Big




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