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REBEL aca, BIG TERROR, DJ Buttafingaz, ButterCuts @rebelaca's cover photo on Brapp.
REBEL aca, BIG TERROR, DJ Buttafingaz, ButterCuts @rebelaca's profile picture on Brapp.

REBEL aca, BIG TERROR, DJ Buttafingaz, ButterCuts

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normoddity So cool :)


hans2g Fuckin smooth !!!!

mrd Ahaaaaaa shit is catchy ya know I can see my self singing "just me me me and my mobile phone" all day at work tomorrow now lol nice one bro

rebelaca Thanks @d1986. Sometimes it's the place to escape ... Sad thou it is.

rebelaca @hans2g @normoddity most kind man. Thanks to delay machine covering my thinking time as a freestyle

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rebelaca OMG That is the monkeys bollocks sir. Okay. Im in Jim. I need to make some ..: fuck it. I'm so pumped im gonna fucking fax you

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slyq this is so tasty bro

lastdoghung @steezymcgee cheers bro!

rebelaca Man walking on sunshine believing you are in control of the time that slips though your fingers and falls from your footsteps.

lastdoghung @geeb cheers for the repost bro. Appreciate it

geeb thas cool man, love the sound!

lastdoghung @Rebelaca deep bro!... Is that a quote? Don't recognise it

rebelaca @lastdoghung (dyslexic so only just worked out what your name said from having to type it. Very cool btw) No just how the beat made me feel at that moment stream of thought kinda thing ... Just reread it. Yup. That's exactly how that tune makes you feel. Beautiful man xx

lastdoghung @Rebelaca wow! That's awesome... You've got a real skill. I'm blown away

rebelaca Oh man. You're so nice. I talk an awful lot of Bollocks. Some of its got to eventually sound clever. ... Thanks thou

mrripley Fat compressor - SSL bus?

lastdoghung @mrripley Nothing that sophisticated. Haven't got any hardware, just some FL Studio plugins that do a pretty good imitation. Cheers for noticing, I always think I overcook the compression

budhoundz Always bringing the fat beats

lastdoghung @kryptic3 hehe! Cheers... You know it bro

123diggy Nice!

lastdoghung @tracydurrant cheers Tracy!

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#JUNGLE #AMEN #LETSFUCKINAVEIT #TUNE CLIP #NORWICH #EA ALL DAY A clip from one of my tunes, most vocals removed -... read more


genghisdaze Love that dub vibe

zarahjones love this!!!!

4a4 @zarahjones I'm now working on some new jungle tunes, would love to have your vocals on thwrw

zarahjones Let's do it!

rebelaca Fuck I miss jungle. Please make more

4a4 @rebelaca @zarahjones Haha now making some new beats ready for Boom Bap festival. Would really like some live MCs and singers, maybe I should start a competition

zarahjones Orrrr you could just make a banger of an EP and showcase each artist there

4a4 @zarahjones Great idea! Will email you some new beats this week. Thanks

bilshot Yess do a competition please

sophiejade Woahhhhhh

leonfyah Irie jam bredda

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User @rebelaca's avatar