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nikimukhi Yess!!!

shacks Yh like that bro

grimson Amazing talent


biskone Dope

wezzly_kane Gwarnnn Son !!!! Love that funky shit !!!! ' im only happy when I'm losing the plot'

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jboss1989 Geezer, would appreciate you going over one of my beats if you can. bless up. JBoss


paslow Think I just followed u on soundcloud, if that weren't u just follow me instead at princepaslow @sim

paslow @jboss1989 gonna hit up ur page now

milver Caught the same feeling from this one bro. Nice honest 'be grateful for what we got' kind of bars. Rate that!

djevidenz Ill !!

djevidenz If you still about, and need work. Holla

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foreignbeggars Ace Hotel Shoreditch

sicksixet dope

percyfilth Yes Kosyne the human hard drive.

drskn_ My boy Kossy, killing it off as always.

sim Yes Dazzla



ib Fire.

thafamilia Big bars bro

aems KOSYNE!

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raad bars

sim Yes yes. Good work man.

nickytaurus Cheers

elbeetle Sweet

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mrconcept This is dope man. Sick flow. :)

amfs sick as fuck bro.


sporadicaljax On point bars

larry check the youtube 1m

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Black Hole
Beat by redbeard
Some bars for a heavy, heavy beat. #hiphop #rap #eatgood #bars #redbeard and a #shittybeard


penfoldpoet Lovely intro


redbeard #bigup

_oni amazing bruh

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blair_jacob @madhu - You have got the flow. Thanks for blessing the beat.

madhu Thank you bro! Sweet music!

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gezoegreen Jersey City

shakldn Yea my g! U did the justice


raad Whatever u slanging, I'm buying

hardheaded_prod Dope track

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paslow With no shame I tell her the bigger 'pictures' a 'crop' I don't care about her 'frame'.. For all the days I didn't go hard in the 'paint'"..... Hope u lot r actually catching this shit man! Endless bars

lrd So sick



paslow Respect bros @lrd @raad @badadsin

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timeoutbeats Feeling it!!

paslow Thanks bro @timeoutbeats

paslow Thanks for posting it lol @slugman

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caravanerecords Thanks homie

reemremi @caravanerecords lets do some work your beats are dope!

koryus BOn mc, mais l'instru est indescriptible tellement elle est bonne !!!

mskal nice work!!!

timeoutbeats This is nice bro!!

lrd Dope

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asblackartel Bang bang

paslow Cmon!