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nikimukhi Al Satwa

diligentfingers Once again, Beautiful

hozay Niccccce my type of shit right here

riddla This is fire

nikimukhi BIG up you guys!! @diligentfingers @hozay @riddla @scratch4cash More to come sooon

lavniv Absolutely love this!x

nikimukhi @lavniv thank you kindly!! X

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nikimukhi Bluku @brapptag @twoface


danieldan Word! Cheers brother. Killed it

offtgrid It's your time to shine @TwoFace get em bruh!

psyke Sick flow @reemremi Dopeness

slowz Ur goin in g, u an the beat got a dna ting goin on! Mad natural!

joshryan my don what area you from ?

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timeoutbeats Bars!

ashosan My kinda jam

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ricksta Haaard bro

nikimukhi Dope!

sterlingbeats dope man

timeoutbeats So dopeee! Much love for blessing the beat!

longblu I don't like this. . . I love it haha big up

emceegoldy Mean bruv!



chatta87 Fucking sick

cecilmcfarrell Flows sick bro

joshryan Yes my g Chek out my 1st brapp vid an follow

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b3fambusiness Feelin this

reemremi @b3fambusiness let me get this beat tho

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paslow @konnykon

newancients Yo awesome video cuhz


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paslow @chairmanmaf

foreignbeggars feelin this b

paslow @foreignbeggars respect bro!

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