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Beatmaker @remers's cover photo on Brapp.
User @fionajane's avatar

charliemac love it @fionajane

nebula_beatz Wow

nikimukhi Yes sick!!! @fionajane @charliemac

stlr83 So Sweet !

uk Amazing

raad sooo gooood

percyfilth Nooice.

mkthesensaigora Perfect

mattylicorice @fionajane. Soundcloud? bandcamp? anything i can listen to you for longer than a minute on pleaaase

mattylicorice <3 <3

kam32 Jheeeze. That sound of yours is off the hook. Message me. We gotta talk on a pro thing...

leyn Woooooooo!!!

djsarahc Love how you are doing your thing on this beat

renzeeno Wooo this is crazy man love it

ptredeyez Beautiful piece of music

monz You're sick

copiusbeats Stunning voice complimenting the beat perfectly

physiks breathtaking

freedotbee wow

brwn You don't understand how much I wana jump in this song with u what a voice

ludwigvandub dope !!

dubdiggah nice


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geebag dope verse man

lastdoghung Nice, Verb

lrd Big


illuminative Jeheeze

djevidenz hard

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j2s Yes fammy

mkthesensaigora Yes my g @j2s

renzeeno Yess puree fyah


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lowlife #datavilli aka #datkid #bestbarsinthegame #realtalk #streetlife

datavelli @lowlife big ups!

foreignbeggars Who did you tag in tho fam

danieldan Who you tag next @datavelli dope verse

datavelli @foreignbeggars what a plum. I musta been higher than I thought. @resone your up bruv!!

resone Yeah bwoyyyy!!!


jmanbabylondead Duppied

thatkidilla Bruvvvvvvv

oab uuuuh!


boomsy firrrreeee

boomsy fire right there

boomsy fire

prysds Psssssshhh each and every.

4tunempire yes yes!

geebag Boy boy

danieldan Yo @resone are you going to Brapp for BrappTag? You up next!

leonpiers yes mate!!! safe

illogical Daam son ! 'Shit all over you till i feel piles' tht bar had me creasing !

xavrmusic woii

User @datavelli's avatar

jaykonis Flows on point bruv


datavelli #deltabravokilo #dolebenefitklaimerz #drunkenbunchakuntz #dontbumkidz #dobunkronik #dontbotherkid

dosgringos Kill every beat!!'

rahjconkas Yeh man!!!

raad Sick bars @datavelli sick beat @physiks

harvsletoad I don't give a fish cake !!!

vibes That is fresh as

kayghost Hahahahaha maaaad

pyne Dope

emceegoldy Illest, word up son..

prysds Where breddahs shift weight in order to get their sick pay. On point as ever G

lukefluency Silky smoov grimey ass groov

leonpiers yes lad

el_jistos Dude you killed this.

dombele Yhh that's sick

codymoore96 Prime as


dukeboxbailey Bruvvva this is freakin killa..mad props

fromthesoul1990 "Where every sunny day, is still a dim grey"

budzggg your a gully muffuka



xavrmusic goin in!!!

ludwigvandub yeaaa

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physiks yes yes!!

verse1 Yes mon the res Good to see u

deadott ill

illuminative Heavy and real talk, big ups g

saulthesame Heavvvvyyyy



keiosxlek baaanng !!! fat broo

heartspare Bang bang !

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User @remers's avatar



ahurumazda Good business fam

mkthesensaigora YES

foreignbeggars sick

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User @remers's avatar
User @remers's avatar
User @remers's avatar