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djevidenz Major big up bro, thanks for hitting up@one of the beats on here before it all goes down

mrconcept That was nice.

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waynewebster87 Bristol

waynewebster87 #brapptv

waynewebster87 #timeoutbeats

waynewebster87 #timeoutbeats

waynewebster87 @timeoutbeats

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retro @nglbeats this is HEAVY

mskal fire....

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charlieb Yeah mate, like that a lot.

retro @charlieb respect. Just a little snippet. Push out snippets of all new bars. Wanna collab?

charlieb @retro yeah. I just followed you on Instagram. Send me your email and I’ll send this one over.

retro Big up @mrconcept for the love

nblue Bars. That beats fuckin dope

nblue Ay bro what’s your ig? @nickyblueeyess

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beniiblanco Excellent work!!

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retro @djvadim Dope as usual bro. Just a few bars.



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lb_the_oxymoron Nice! Good to hear you digging this beat still g! Peace

retro @lb_the_oxymoron beat is sick bro. Could be a dope track with the right mix etc. You up for collabo?

lb_the_oxymoron @retro Yeaman, I am going to a dusty sound tbf and for sure. Hit me up on soundcloud and il see what I can send you or what vibe you want etc. Peace

retro Will do. Got u on insta so can dm there too. Bless bro. Your shit is dope.

lb_the_oxymoron I’m off Insta but shout me a inbox on SC. Peace

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retro Dope beat @nonsprod I’d like to do sumin with this bro?

nonsprod @retro thx bro no problem contact me