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foreignbeggars Always come correct illi

prysds Man like beggars tho @foreignbeggars

ukdistinction @foreignbeggars Yo Pav these guys holding it dooown for the North!

prysds Safe gav!

hank_hiller Heavy @prysds

foreignbeggars Yeah man I see that shit.. Prysds is well ard

prysds Humbled bruv @foreignbeggars

dosgringos Killin shit!!

chesterp Defenders of style always come heavy big up you guys, proper Yorkshire like!

prysds @chesterp bless bro! Means a lot coming from you bro!


ukdistinction @ashes57 oi oi

epzmekanizm Too sick!

silverback Dope

skyhighatrist one of the steeviest first verses I've heard

prysds Steeviest?

skyhighatrist steezy you c'yunt

harvsletoad Proper steevy

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foreignbeggars The kid is ill

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User @reydonlaigon's avatar