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Marc Clifton

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marston #bars šŸ”„

tywhite šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„

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its going on (comp beat)
@brapp Iā€™m looking to collab on a track for release on as part of The Brighton Music Conference complain alongside... read more


geebag This beat bangs!

illuminative @leafdog gonna rip this later

jakemelo Lekta with the ill flows on this check it!!

submerc ayyy check it out


bilshot I dropped my verse but the beat has disappeared here's the link incase I done it wrong

bilshot Figured it out my new Link with beat is here


submerc oh dang, tis almost the day of reckoning

illdando quick 16 on some LeafDog Fire!! Props for listening! šŸ‘Š

submerc yoyo so when and how do we find out who has one this here ting?

likkulrip Reality in Poetry

ganjachickens Is there anyway i can buy this track or download it on my PC. Safe (G)

cashus Get on this son @elhawk

tytun Maximum respect @leafdog!! Is this competition still running?

glasz Smooth beat. Chill vibe let's see what i can do with it!