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Richy Spitz

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chill hip hop


spawnzero This is insane

lastdoghung Dope!

redbeard slick!


disgust Fire

budzggg dank

keiosxlek Dope !!!

timeoutbeats This is dope!

raad Dope.

klotz I need this beat bro

klotz @richyspitz is this beat available bro?

User @nephilim's avatar

seandeanartist Big ups playa

3000bass Sick brudda

poopsidick Bang bang !! #frenchlover ! Mail adress or something like That ? Bandcamp ? I would like to talk with you bro ! ;)

User @foreignbeggars's avatar

dharmonk_beats oh shit! this guy!

jrokkamusic dwwp thoughts

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flo Beat by @richyspitz

samstalks This is too nice!!

flo Thanks @samstalks !

oab Banga

nebula_beatz Goood

nebula_beatz job

keiosxlek Hoow !!

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Too Fat For This
Beat by richyspitz
Just a fat kid with bars. You dun kno.


officialmumble @richyspitz beats are bangingggg

foreignbeggars So hard.. Jumanji on some Pharoahe Ish

jyager @mcjumanji need that collab bro.. This is sick g..

raad Feelin the MONCH

mrchisti Baaad

silverback This is just to fucking good

missmiakang OH MY WOW

cecilmcfarrell Word.

jrokkamusic yessss, big barz

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just_joe U guys r on anuva level

cobes KINGPIN!!!!

skeematicbeats too sick

thebreaks Where you been family!!! Need them kingpin barz dun!

dharmonk_beats YES!

dharmonk_beats YES!

bgfrecords Hello. Really like your flow, wanna bring you some value. DM us on insta @bgfrecords

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richyspitz Smashed it

kingpin That's my girl.

funtcaseuk Destroyed

richyspitz Both smashin it

just_joe Dope af

mrchisti Big!!

cobes Doin da damn ting!! Yes Shay-D!!

troublebcn Daaaaaaayum

foreignbeggars BAWDY!!

foreignbeggars BAWDY!!

shayd Haha!! bless everyone. Its fun! Big up @richyspitz

jyager Yesss Shay-D going innnn

mczani Brapp! :)

dotz Dope, Richy is my DJ, we have bare projects together!

brokenlandbeats Siiiiick, bars for days

sumgii Daaaam

shayd @funtcaseuk :)

graziella Hero!!

graziella Fan!


tinks Massively loving this xxxx

shayd @jyager

shayd @tinks @elbs @graziella

djlok BOOM!

drsyntax Nice!

aemzo Yer girl smashing it

ludwigvandub daaamn

rmgbeats Fiiiyaaa

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foreignbeggars Badman!! Where you from bruv


poemz peace man dope app I'm in the u.k by way of New Jersey

sosouthern Jheeeez, going inn bro

raad Boooom!

richyspitz sick as always

jyager Bang!!!! Sick @jaron big up g

funtcaseuk Fuckin helllllll KILLED it!!

kutz Jheeze! Serious flow!

sizzahandz Man went in. Brapppppp

metropolis Woooiiii

dotz @foreignbeggars yo pav this is skit, he was part of PLC for the higher forces album

foreignbeggars Sick Don

okaz Great

djevidenz Jheeeez killed it

oab Bangra, what!

User @iamlinguistics's avatar

foreignbeggars Yes dun!!

metropolis Sick sick

richyspitz Doppe

hxmmusic Yes!!

foreignbeggars Mad love cuzzzzzi


iamlinguistics @richyspitz - beats dope!


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richyspitz Amazing I love that

ayahmarar We should work!

si_phili I wanna drop this with u Yaya.

richyspitz We will!

ayahmarar Yzzzzzr

illaman Bup bup bup



hykus hey yaya hit us up on the email or skype mvalton007

ayahmarar Yes fam hit me at my full name at gmail dot com -- Hykus

ayahmarar @si_phili #ready

ayahmarar @hykus ^^^^^

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thepurist Pow!

challis_uk Blam! Big uppps

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jyager Sick g @novaflip