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Rishi Gordon

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gardna Bristol

Gardna - Rise & Grind [prod. dreadsquad]
wake up wake up rise and grind. For the Brapp Dubai comp. Gotta be init to win it. #SoleDXB #BrappTV



doeboythewriter Keep at it


mimindme can everyone check out my video real appreciated!

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easyd THE flows

stamps jheeeeeeze #boombapfestival @boombapfestival

bigsmokinjoe gwan mate!!

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docskeng Smashed it g

krang #PierreFuego

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mrripley Pure

easyd @mrripley had to use the beat, mad tings!!

crossy Bar after barrrr

easyd @crossy

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lrd Respect. Killed this beat!

crossy Jheeze killin it as always bois!

dharmonk_beats yh sick, hit me up of fb wen u both wanna record some songs

stamps @djdharmonk yessss G, will do!

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jayeff Killa

futurarhymez Yes don!lyrics are tight man!

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vard Yes!!

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Beat by saulthesame
Need to get a new pair of headphones absolute beauty of a beat #HipHop #BoomBap #Gentry #Gtown


mcsubliminal Yesyes my donny!

mskal nice work!!!

crossy Jheeseeee

foreignbeggars Oh yeah jayeff with the top video go #gentry

jayeff @mcsubliminal @mskal @crossy @foreignbeggars safe to all you's

saulthesame This is hard!

jayeff @7thdown respect man. keep the dope tracks comin ;)

djevidenz Yeah big man

miccalibre Dope!

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quantumatics Dope

mcsubliminal Safe

erbal Jheeeez!! Flowss

jayeff Ain't no joe schmo flow! Love this bruvva


miccalibre This is heavy