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ROGUE ETHIC @rogueethic's cover photo on Brapp.
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jmanbabylondead @ronisize @foreignbeggars

lrd killed it.

joe_raygun Yes Jay!

saulthesame Woii!!

ptredeyez Crazy!

badhabitz Ur a machine g!

jmanbabylondead Bless my gs

sonnyjim Beast

theurbanizer Check out my collab shout bigman. Need this approach ;)


rogueethic Bang


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elhawk Dope brother

browne madness!

theory haha nice

harvsletoad Dope mate rizpek

im_floki Scottish prophet bang bang bang absolute fire bro!!!

im_floki I want the whole track right now bro dope rhymes!!!!!

tnrt Jeezus!

drskn_ Killing it as always

bearbeats Dope g

dreadeyefreen i fuckin rate u bro. sick


chairmanmaf Nice!


duggibeats Yes fam

quantumatics Dope

controlproblem Sick

rendola Sick! Need a copy of the full track?


budabapbeats I keep coming back to this. I love it

bnjammin Is there a track for this?!

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viciouscreep Dope One!


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Corona Flows Baby
Beat by challis_uk
Shout outs @challis_uk on the beat! Hungover barrrZin a new verse #uk #ukhh #hiphop


challis_uk Yes bruv! Devon represent

cptcletus @challis_uk big up bro!!

5stageneral Big bars every time bro!

cptcletus @5stageneral big up bro ! Ur killing it aswell man

innatej Nice!!!

rogueethic Yes fam

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hank_hiller Haha yeah!

gizmo Sick

sosouthern Sick new concept for brapp, you absolute G


evalazarus Yassss hunty! This is the one!!! I wanna see some more writers up in here on this 1 minute dub challenge! Boss movements!

jyager Trust me where's all my graffers at!!!

graziella Tooooo sick!!!

joecain Buy buy Instagram!!

chromeandblack Yes yes!

leafdog sick mans gona have to get on that still

rogueethic YOU AINT REDY

foreignbeggars @rogueethic come then!!

foreignbeggars @divign