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Woke up wanting to ryhme a lil #ruuumusik sh


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rkivemusic love this! really feeling you're tone. @fionajane would you be up for recording to this beat?

fionajane @rkivemusic yes! Definitely. Lovely beat man. I'll email you

nikimukhi Yes guys 🔥🔥 @rkivemusic @fionajane

adah 👌

epzmekanizm Super dope! Love the vibe, Big ups from sweden! 🔥

bruhluuh I forgive you!!! Great lyrics. Nice tone!!!

fionajane @bruhluuh haha thanks!

fionajane @epzmekanizm Tack!

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Playing around
Beat by _oni
Pretty cool app I can see it sparking a lot of #creativity #inspiration nice lil tool for any #music lover #hiphop... read more


raad 👊🔥

ruuumusik @Raad 👊🙏🏻

_oni fya!