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Going Out
New Single from my beat tape -


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oozhe Thanks for entering g! Winner announced on the 21st


foreignbeggars yeah yeah

tommyjr Biiiiig

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Beat by leafdog
Had to go in on this...


silverback Dope

rev_records dope beat, real lyrics.. we should get on a track together??

illuminative Huge flow keep it up

challis_uk Real nice bro. Big ups

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sosouthern Jheeeez bro went in big bars!

samstalks @thepastrymaker thanks man beat got me fired up!!

sosouthern Got 2 instrumental mixtapes on datpiff aswell, links are on my Twitter bio, all social media links are on my brapp page, big up bro hope to see you pop again in my notifications!

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nikimukhi This is nuts!!


samstalks @nikimukhi thanks man!

fordz dope just sppat on this

samstalks @fordz yes bro! Let's hear it!?

fordz @samstalks i deleted it but im redoing it later today

challis_uk Dope beat man

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Didn't wanna do it
Something different


nikimukhi Nice!

cobes Sounding epic!!

samstalks @nikimukhi @cobes thanks for the support

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All By Myself
some chill boom bap


jyager @samstalks this is dope!!

samstalks @jyager thanks bro!!!

eightysix YEAH BIG

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flack Good bars, abstract style man

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nikimukhi Haha big up Hug Life

jyager Dope+Dope @thepurist

debbie Had to do a ting on this..

challis_uk Illlllly

frankkoufax Did some random shit to this

eightysix whoooo