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Samuel Thomas Wright North Shields, UK

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samthomas South Shields

db_14k bars on 100

samthomas @db_14k Thankyou!!!

zarahjones Dude! Your voice!

samthomas @zarahjones Awh yo cheers I like this one haha x

zarahjones @samthomas gotta collab with you

samthomas @zarahjones yes we bloody do!!!!

marigotrymes Wanna collab

samthomas @marigotrymes yes yes

marigotrymes How do you collab

nuriel Fire bro

samthomas @nuriel Thankyou man!

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Take Chance
Nice hip hop, pop, and Jazzy type upbeat track to spit a lyc on. C’mon lets gwt it!


foreverdayseven I can hear you @daruffpoet

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zarahjones Burnham Market

Wouldnt wanna be you
Beat by sicksixetbeats
Aaron, you smashed this beat


drweathers Your voice sounds incredibly amazing.

zaneicu88 Nice

zarahjones Thanks guys!

ptfresh Dope energy girl!

zarahjones @ptfresh appreciated

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samthomas South Shields
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samthomas South Shields
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samthomas Love this

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samthomas South Shields
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samthomas South Shields

nonsprod thx bro

shotstoppa sik bro

michelleward cracking

samthomas @nonsprod

samthomas @shotstoppa Thankyou man! Means a lot

samthomas @michelleward Thankyou

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samthomas South Shields

World of green
Beat by nonsprod
Shout out @nonsprod on the beat // Trying out some new flows. Any feedback would be appreciated #hiphop #trap #rap


nonsprod it s cool guy

samthomas @nonsprod thanks bro

qrussomusic I like this. I think you can go do very well on storytelling type beats. Infact if u interested i could show you a beat r two. Good day

samthomas @qrussomusic yeah man I’m interested

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samthomas I tried a little something to this

nonsprod @samthomas ok bro

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