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Sam Lewis-Wall

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hollyflo Sam! It's been a while!

savagehenry Holly! It has been ages!! You popped up in my brapp email, crazy!! Your stuff is awesome, should probably get you on a track I reckon! If you're up for it that is?

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mrripley Haha, legend

metropolis 💯💯💯

skeematicbeats mm yeah damn

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hinesyhines Yes Ragz!

foreignbeggars Blooooks

funtcaseuk Oiiiiiiii

sumgii Woooooooooooo

barryquango 🔥

geckodub That first line got me soooo hype

oab gallons

raad Ooeee 👊💯

sonorous_ 👏🏾

isaintjames Raaas that's a flow

biskone Blukka blukka 🔥

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User @savagehenry's avatar

Nice Up
Reggae Hip-Hop beat


sulna Nice 👍🏽

User @savagehenry's avatar

Bootsy Beat
Funky little Hip-Hop beat with some chunky bass