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Kal Sereousz

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24 Hours To Live
Beat by sereouszbeats
Inspired by @DNA_GTFOH sounds like a regular Saturday lol


foreignbeggars yeh yeh


mrflex dope!

_oni woooooooooooo

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Types of Love
Beat by djevidenz
Evi Denz laid the concept down in the sample. I let my mind run with it...


djevidenz Yes my G ! One love lol.

sereouszbars 1 Luv!

bonnyread Nice Kally

sereouszbars Big up Bonny

leafdog holla at me bro

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October 15
Beat by djevidenz
Wrote this in the same carpark where a woman clicked her doors when she saw me, as I walked past her car with my... read more


jyager Yes kal big up this is dope

sereouszbars Nice one bro

djevidenz Yes man. Chillin'n'killn the flow ha haa, thanks for blessing the beat

sereouszbars Haha you got bars yourself now! That beat was dope I'm gonna find another one bro

djevidenz @kalsereousz seriously can't wait for the next man, I got plenty on here already

djevidenz Man keep watching this back. Love how you lay a story out

eightysix I hear you . We have our own counteraction . When we see posh folk we act nervousness and click our doors .

eightysix They get it cos they don't get it

geebag Sick sick sick

sereouszbars Big up you man

lrd So sick. Gotta get you on one of mine bro.

sereouszbars Safe @lrd lets do something

lrd Kl, I'm ready brother. Check my page on here. I can send you some bits over aswell.

leafdog holla at me g

madengo seriously ill