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@shellz's cover photo on Brapp.
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lastdoghung #HipHop #BoomBap #Classic #90s #Soul

bizthedopepoet That's tight man

lastdoghung Thanks bro!

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weztax Yes yes

cecilmcfarrell Oh shit son. That's da shit son.

georgechro Yea shun!

cyrilsnarebeats yes bill!

morgz Certified dope beat

raad Yesss!

be_00 You are the best producer man, big up illinformed.


eratticrecords Fkn sick beat

jackiebond beat is I'll!

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jyager @illiterate_

themez You can call me a nerd cos I kno u ain't smart!!

newancients Yo nice one dude, Midnight sesh on blast

missmiakang Love this

timeoutbeats Dopeee

sosouthern Sick wid it

ayahmarar Dope

dosgringos Vibes!!

illiterate_ Real nice homie!

jrokkamusic jeeeez son, heavy vibes

illuminative Smashed it verb t like !!!

3mebeatz Vibez

jyager @themez love my g big up fam

jyager @newancients thank you g

jyager @missmiakang thank you ma

jyager @timeoutbeats thanks bro

jyager @sosouthern dunknow my g big up bro

jyager @yaya thanks ma

jyager @dosgringos415 bless my gz

jyager @illiterate love g

jyager @jrokkamusic thanks fam

jyager @mchedges thanks g

jyager @3mebeatz love my g

evalazarus Favourite!!!!

paslow This cold fam, we gotta do a brap together


mrconcept Nice verse and beat

viking Smooth

iomega Nice

dooly Fire

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missmiakang Yayer

ayahmarar Dope

verse1 Big things a gwan

3mb4 Fiyaa

jdotake Yo when did skitz sign saten to co-produce beats with him

wrdy Sick vibez

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newancients Oho bangah!!

b_clever Nice 1 bro @newancients

joeshire Someone needs to go in on this, big time!

b_clever @joeshire jump on it bro

joeshire @b_clever I could be feeling it, gimme some scope ;)

liamgreenmusic I'm gonna fuck this up later

b_clever Look forward to hearing it bro, @liamgreenmusic

2oogs How much for this beat?

bigsmokinjoe Ooooheeee" That's sick!

b_clever @o3an_barz free bro

b_clever @bigsmokinjoe bless brother

2oogs @b_clever Ite, could you send me the beat by email?

2oogs @b_clever I'll kill it & big you up

b_clever What's your email bro

b_clever @o3an_barz

2oogs @b_clever

2oogs sick bro can't wait!

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mrchisti Is this the mighty Iguana Man???

drzygote No mate

drzygote @mrchristi

mrchisti My bad, lol. Beat is ridiculous guy, smashed it

hank_hiller Elephants marching!

leafdog wuddup cuzzo

drzygote @leafdog respect

thebreaks So f'n good

esteem Beat's fatter than Elephantitus,

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siah @foreignbeggars

foreignbeggars Oh gooosh!! Yes big man!

timeoutbeats Fire!

newancients Siah droppin fiya!

dharmonk_beats oh oh OH!

dizraeli Yes coming at it differently. Lovely job.

dharmonk_beats This guy!

missmiakang Yes.


jbtunes Killed it dude!

djevidenz Big up

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Wake And Bake.
Beat by onelion_sound
Don't know who's beat it is. Hold tight you though. #wakeandbake


nikimukhi Early morning

dosgringos 6rizla spliff constructer

oozhe Yeaaaaaaa

raad Boom ting

easyd Fat bars man

newancients Sick one kid!

willb Killing it's!

moraless @onelion_sound beatz G

jonnydrillz My donny

prysds One of the best doin it out hurrrrrrr

illiterate_ Illy

jyager This is dope g

dharmonk_beats dam....

jrokkamusic haaaaaaaa

jrokkamusic yessss

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dosgringos Big up man

shellz @dosgringos415 honour spitting over the tune bro

User @shellz's avatar

nikimukhi Badman!

golddubs Nice!

foreignbeggars Yes eggi

User @shellz's avatar

foreignbeggars Yes yes


shellz @hertzfelt was a mad beat, rude not to spit over it