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shereedubois London

fionajane Your voice is GOLD!!!

shereedubois @fionajane aww thank u

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"Where is Humanity (And On)" Preview...
Shhh I don't wana get in trouble lol but a quick peep into some new tunes for 2016 #House #Dance #Upbeat #Soulful... read more


graziella As amazing as ever...

shereedubois Thank u babygurl, hope you good chica, Happy belated New Year! x

thebreaks Yeah baby

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shereedubois This beat... Oooh @hank_hiller

hank_hiller Powerful voice, big ups!

shereedubois Thank u mayn, dope beats boi, might have to write a lil tune one day x

hank_hiller Yeah I look forward to it hit me up on soundcloud if you got it? x

shereedubois Yeah, I'm really shiate on soundcloud lol. Found & followed you tho, have no idea how to msg lol

genghisdaze Great voice!!!

shereedubois Thank u, one luv x

grillo Soo good

shereedubois x

mrchisti Wow, incredible!!

jyager Amazing I love this... What a vibe

witnessmc Really rate that!!

missmiakang Amazing!!!

dsgryme I like

dsgryme Would u be kind enough to bless a few of mine, that's if they're suited to your style

shereedubois Sure mayn @dsgryme, when I get rid of this cold lol thanks for the luv x

hans2g Tu déchires!! Keep going

shereedubois Thanks lovely @hans2g

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shereedubois @sherlockbones

oh_hello damn girl .......

jyager voice is amazing

sherlockbones YEEEH

shereedubois Thanks guys

russjay DOPE

ukmillz Niceee voice

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foreignbeggars Woooooi @shereesurreal goin on coooold

shereedubois Thanks mayn, x

shereedubois @foreignbeggars

foreignbeggars You need to put that up for people to spray on

jyager This is dope

shereedubois @jyager thanks dude x

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shereedubois Frickin love this song

mrripley Yes yes!

leeramsay Soul right their

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laville We bout it

metropolis Sounding dope

shereedubois Thank you, Ooh that beat tho @metropolis

jyager @shereesurreal OMG your voice.. Love it

grillo Luv this