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@shotstoppa's cover photo on Brapp.

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Torn (Wont give in)
Beat by gwop
Instant feelings. Thoughts off the cuff.


djevidenz Love your style on this

shotstoppa @djevidenz appreciate that bro. Is it the content, flow or both ?

djevidenz @shotstoppa both for me.

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samthomas Fuck with your flow heavily

lafleur real shit

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lastdoghung Like that bro

shotstoppa @lastdoghung safe bro feelin' the beat, inspired me to write and flow on it.

samthomas This is my shit!

shotstoppa @samthomas safe bro

mckillerpagan Reap what the reapers eating

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marston Love that flow brother, it’s dope

shotstoppa @marston safe my G. Glad ur feeling it


shotstoppa @nonsprod

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shotstoppa @lrd bless up G! Sik beat!!!

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Passing through
Beat by lrd
Peace and blessings to all. Lrd with a banger.


lrd Bro!! I want you to vocal this beat for the Brapp project I'm working on. What you thinking?

shotstoppa @lrd Safe fam. Yh I am definitely up for being part of the project.

lrd Yes. Will be a big one to add to it I think. What's your email? I'll send it over to you tonight.

shotstoppa @lrd Nice one, beat is fire bro! Look forward to it.


shotstoppa @raad safe bro

lrd @Shotstoppa just emailed the beat brother

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Ain't Surprised
Beat by lrd
Sunday morning bars. Peace to the Brapp family. #Live #Life #Uplift


barz Big up

lrd powers!

shotstoppa Peace @barz @lrd respect!


shotstoppa @scragdiggy thanks G


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lrd Dope

shotstoppa @lrd peace.

eightysix Was gonna write a comment .... Instead I will listen again .

shotstoppa @eightysix thanks man, big up mongo! respect everytime.

zarahjones Nice! Really nice! #REWIND

shotstoppa Bless Up @zarahjones thank you. I feel your vocals and lyrics a lot.

zarahjones Appreciated!

lrd This is so sick man . Absolutely murdered this. Need to get you on one of mine man.

shotstoppa @lrd big up fam thank you.. you've got a lot of inspiring tracks. definitely start writing and get one done

lrd Thank you! I look forward to it bro, let's take this app over. #shutdown



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Lost Words
Peace Brapp family. This is the beginning to a written/poetic piece, spoken on a floaty beat. #poetry #words...



shotstoppa @lrd safe for checking it

ptredeyez Nice!! Can feel the emotion! Look forward t

ptredeyez *to hearing the full version

shotstoppa @ptredeyez thanks bro.


shotstoppa @raad safe G. Thanks for sharing it.

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barryquango Sick bro

shotstoppa @quarrybango Thanks bro

blurum13 Bo

shotstoppa @blurum13 safe for checking in fam. Ur writing and flow is quality! Jam to ur vids.

eightysix Resonance

eightysix Like a ounce a resin Then the sun cried

shotstoppa @eightysix bless respect. know that. Your bars on this beat give me chills. Serious!!

eightysix I appreciate and respect that .your a good artist keep at it brotha

challis_uk Man that was heavy, big ups brutha!

shotstoppa @challis_uk respect bro. beat inspired it. any chance the beat is available, I'd like to write a full length to this. Peace

challis_uk It's not available unfortunately man. Would be keen to collab on summin in the future though! Hit me up if you hear any of my other beats that you're feelin. Salute!

shotstoppa @challis_uk sorry for the delayed reply bro. Definitely on a link in the future. Followed up on your soundcloud, will keep in contact. Peace


jdanproductions Flows are on point

shotstoppa @jdanproductions respect G. Thank you for checking it. Listening to your beats now.

jdanproductions It's all bless... Holla if any of my instrumentals grab your attention !!

nevahrest wow!!

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dosgringos Sick mate!!

shotstoppa @dosgringos415 bless G. Pleasure to write on ur beat.

dosgringos Killed it Bruv!!

dosgringos Hit us up if you ever need beats bro

genghisdaze Killing it every time!

shotstoppa @genghisdaze safe fam

tomryan Barz!!! Excellent!