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@shotstoppa's cover photo on Brapp.

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shotstoppa Mad respect @figarate beat drew me in instantaneously!

genghisdaze @shotstoppa that was deep! honestly felt every bar.

shotstoppa @genghisdaze one love G, thank you for that.

shotstoppa @slugman


shotstoppa @cecilmcfarrell

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Beat by gwop
One last Brapp. One last freestyle. Thanks to the makers of Brapp. Niki you’re a legend! To all the creators and... read more


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timeoutbeats Nice man, deep! Feeling this

shotstoppa @timeoutbeats thanks G. beat is quality!!!

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Torn (Wont give in)
Beat by gwop
Instant feelings. Thoughts off the cuff.


djevidenz Love your style on this

shotstoppa @djevidenz appreciate that bro. Is it the content, flow or both ?

djevidenz @shotstoppa both for me.

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samthomas Fuck with your flow heavily

lafleur real shit

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lastdoghung Like that bro

shotstoppa @lastdoghung safe bro feelin' the beat, inspired me to write and flow on it.

samthomas This is my shit!

shotstoppa @samthomas safe bro

mckillerpagan Reap what the reapers eating

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marston Love that flow brother, it’s dope

shotstoppa @marston safe my G. Glad ur feeling it


shotstoppa @nonsprod

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shotstoppa @lrd bless up G! Sik beat!!!

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Passing through
Beat by lrd
Peace and blessings to all. Lrd with a banger.


lrd Bro!! I want you to vocal this beat for the Brapp project I'm working on. What you thinking?

shotstoppa @lrd Safe fam. Yh I am definitely up for being part of the project.

lrd Yes. Will be a big one to add to it I think. What's your email? I'll send it over to you tonight.

shotstoppa @lrd Nice one, beat is fire bro! Look forward to it.


shotstoppa @raad safe bro

lrd @Shotstoppa just emailed the beat brother

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Ain't Surprised
Beat by lrd
Sunday morning bars. Peace to the Brapp family. #Live #Life #Uplift


barz Big up

lrd powers!

shotstoppa Peace @barz @lrd respect!


shotstoppa @scragdiggy thanks G


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lrd Dope

shotstoppa @lrd peace.

eightysix Was gonna write a comment .... Instead I will listen again .

shotstoppa @eightysix thanks man, big up mongo! respect everytime.

zarahjones Nice! Really nice! #REWIND

shotstoppa Bless Up @zarahjones thank you. I feel your vocals and lyrics a lot.

zarahjones Appreciated!

lrd This is so sick man . Absolutely murdered this. Need to get you on one of mine man.

shotstoppa @lrd big up fam thank you.. you've got a lot of inspiring tracks. definitely start writing and get one done

lrd Thank you! I look forward to it bro, let's take this app over. #shutdown



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Lost Words
Peace Brapp family. This is the beginning to a written/poetic piece, spoken on a floaty beat. #poetry #words...



shotstoppa @lrd safe for checking it

ptredeyez Nice!! Can feel the emotion! Look forward t

ptredeyez *to hearing the full version

shotstoppa @ptredeyez thanks bro.


shotstoppa @raad safe G. Thanks for sharing it.