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Si Phili

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bigrema Woking

nuriel Big Remaaa

bigrema big up bro :)

timeoutbeats Dope as usual man!

bigrema @timeoutbeats thanku bro ;)

muon This is tight as bruv! Suss my beats would be keen to do something

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foreignbeggars illi

00doylej01 Sick beat man

albarizza I am a fan x

jadehannah Hi i saw you're status on facebook. Im a female singer and would love to work with some people on backing or chorus in hip hop. Here's my you tube channel There is some where i'm singing and left the rest for an mc. Fair enough if this is not something you're looking for. peace :)

innatej Nice! Had to lay something on this


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mic check one two one two


dosgringos Leafy with another banger as per usual !

mojo Brapp Brapp!

challis_uk Yeah. Big beat

2shy Such a don @leafdog

karm_one ill!

druid Bigger than big

docskeng This beat g!!!

ptfresh @leafdog I’m gonna repost a killing spree on this beat! Shmraap

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tomprecise Me too..-Ill bars si...

hospitalrecords YES!

dsgryme Talk the truth my g, DM me on insta @dsgryme

lastdoghung Love this!

apukrapper SALUTE

david_amelei Vote Corby


sciencebeats Yes Sir

thafamilia My g fire fire

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Brappification 👊
Beat by novarflip
Jacked @Siphilli On The Beat I Mean Inspired By.. @novarflip Went Innnnn Just BRAPP LOVE TO ALL #sicksteen #shayd... read more


shayd I meant @si_phili

si_phili Haha. Fyah.. Gwaaan. Feel free to use all the beats too. They for all to use.



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si_phili Wanna hear u on this @ragnboneman

olahbliss Dope

ayahmarar Tried a ting ...

shayd This beats harrrrd I would have it on my album HINT HINT

challis_uk Daym that bangs!

rev_records classic beat!

leafdog nice beat my g

2shy Certified banger

oab heat

atroxbeats This is sick

geobeatzuk Woop!


keiranmerrick Sick

bmseka dopei like this shit! look my profile bro

edhard Damn!!! This is really hard shit!!!!

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si_phili It's about to get messy.

mojo Wooooo

nikimukhi Sickkk

emceekilla ugh!! Hardbody

genghisdaze Heavy

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flo thanks babe!

dotz No worries

nikimukhi Heavyy!

si_phili Wicked.

foreignbeggars Yooooo!!!! Badass.. You know u can do that with beats from within the app too Shawty

mrripley Wicked!!

flo Yeah that's next on the agenda! I'm finding so many sick producers on here already!

dotz @foreignbeggars this is my other half I was saying about, she kills it

jyager Love the voice..

foreignbeggars So dope

just_joe Such a sick voice.

challis_uk Niiiiice

bisonbriggz Oi this fire

docskeng Dope voice girl! Follow me back and check my beats, one love!

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novarflip Jeeez

jyager Going in bro...

sizzahandz Bars for days. Beat finished to soon Donny.

si_phili @sizzahandz. Haha. Big up Bredrin.

tomryan Venomous!

dosgringos Flow is ill surgical precision

dubble_ggg Fuck off... Fire man big up


g3nes12 Yes Philli... Come like Dem old Millennium Metaphors times

abetheproducer HottaReddaFiiiiiiyah!!!!

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funtcaseuk This beat and flow is mental

si_phili @funtcaseuk respec bro

rywalker Still bringing that fire

si_phili Respec @rywalker


leafdog fire!!!

si_phili Big Up @leafdog @zoutz

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xavierofficial iller than ill!!

mojo Ill Philli ©

si_phili @moj @xavierofficial. Respec People


bigsmokinjoe siiiick!!

viciouscreep 'POOOWWW WTF .....pure fire

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micallparknsun it down!!!!!!!

foreignbeggars Innnnssiiiiiiide

hinesyhines BIG!

sumgii This is exactly why this app is the best.

ayahmarar I had to let the man know

iomega One of my all time fav rappers

si_phili Thanks @iomega

dhuz Amazing flow on all your works bro!!! :)

abetheproducer Ridiculous freestyle!

bgfrecords Hello. Really like your flow, wanna bring you some value. DM us on insta @bgfrecords