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Szymon Szczęsny

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mika_realist Thank you lady, Nice song and Nice voice!

chesterp Lovely voice! Really nice


nikimukhi Alia in the houseeee!! Sounding amazing


viking Sweet sounds

jazzychavo yes! thats it! keep it there! peaaaaace

remulak Smashed it! Great voice


iomega Boom

skamma Nice vocals and a fitty

therealduc Feuuu

simpz1online Jheeze that voice

kyu_tracks Beautifull!

mskal dam the voice is soo pure....

cavemanbeat nice

koryus amazing !!!!

emceegoldy So nice @alia

sertified I think im in love

vicebeats This is so nice Alia!

littlegibz Great Voice

botch Those vocals

gillywun Sick

keiosxlek faatt !!

lastdisciple what the fuck!!! baaaad!

alphamemphis can we do some work together?

abetheproducer on point

ludwigvandub wow nice

beatcotheque this is awesome

mazemusic wow, girl your flow is something else. and that voice! lovely

stiffydakidd Neat graft that 1


krafty DAAAAMN

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caravanerecords Thank's bruh

iamlinguistics @caravanerecords

hollyflo Nice flooow

iamlinguistics @hollyflo thanks!

iamlinguistics @delroski thank you bro! Catch you soon I'm sure

foreignbeggars lovethe honesty in this

mrconcept love this

iamlinguistics @mrconcept safe!

sustance Very sick

jfield You have a nice flow man, feeling this


raad dope

simonsez Too short! haha

sophiejade More please max

hammerhead333 Wicked flow, honest and real. Love this!

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grizzygram This is sick !!!!


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